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Please sponsor me in support of Camp KM, as I run for the entire month of January! Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $20 or more.

Recent Donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jan 12 Linda and Ian Graham Atta girl, NIcks! Love you x $107.72
Jan 12 MG Undisclosed amount
Jan 08 Tammy Bushby $107.72
Jan 07 Doug and Boots Release the Cracka!! $54.31
Jan 05 Anonymous $22.26
Jan 04 Alex & Nick Love you & miss you $107.72
Jan 03 Mich & Matt Proud of you, sis! $54.31
Jan 02 Eliza & Jake You inspire us constantly!! $22.26
Jan 01 Sheila Sorry it’s not more Nicky: wish you every success and hope you raise lots of dollars for your cause. $54.31
Jan 01 Kari $50.00