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On September 23 2019 I suddenly didn't feel good, sudden headache, nausea, dizziness. I went to my local emergency room and was tested for meningitis and tested negative. However, the headache got so severe, I could not be in bright lights and sounds affected me. That started my journey. I have been to six different hospitals and have seen numerous neurologists. I am currently seeing Dr Young at Jefferson Headache Center and have gotten much relief from the headache center. All donations will be going to the Jefferson Headache Center.

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Sep 27 Anonymous $27.48
Sep 27 William and Joan Chambrés For the excellent work of Dr. William B. Young, MD $107.35
Sep 22 Anonymous $54.10
Sep 22 Anonymous $80.73
Sep 21 Eric Norman You’re an incredible person! You got this. Stay strong, Doug! 💪🏼💙 $105.87
Sep 20 Frank Cicero $11.50
Sep 20 Elise Mathusa Flynn facebook fundraiser $25.00
Sep 19 Stephanie Cecchini $43.45
Sep 16 Lady Luck Tattoos & Piercings 🧡💚 $107.35
Sep 15 "Uncle Frank" $107.35