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Pad the Pandemic

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What we stand for

All profits from this event will go to Pad the Pandemic, a non-profit organization developed with the vision to help
eliminate period poverty. What is “period poverty”? This is when menstruating women do not have access to safe,
hygienic sanitary products. It is a global pandemic that goes unrecognized and is not openly discussed.
Pad the Pandemic aspires to invoke change. Not only through education, but by being on the ground in communities
to meet this need in a safe way. We are doing this by providing organic chemical free sanitary products. Without
chemical free products, women are at greater risk of developing uterine fibroids, non-cancerous tumors of the uterus.
Approximately 70% of women in their baby-bearing age will develop fibroids within their lifetime. Of this population,
80% are black women. These fibroids can result in menorrhagia (heavy or prolonged menstrual cycle), anemia
(oftentimes requiring blood transfusions), pica, hair loss, high blood pressure, reproductive issues (ie: infertility,
miscarriage, etc.), brain fog, incontinence, extreme lethargy, and more.


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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Jul 24 Jennifer Spears $50.00
Jul 24 Jayden Cross $54.10
Jul 23 Tarsha Stewart Love this effort to educate women on fibroids! $54.10
Jul 23 Anonymous $27.48
Jul 22 Brendalyn King Black women are bleeding - it’s a pandemic. Do not be afraid to heal yourself. It’s possible ❤️ $54.10
Jul 22 Fibroid Institute Dallas Congratulations! Women shouldn't have to choose between misery or surgery. Advocate for uterine fibroid awareness & alternative treatments. $299.05
Jul 22 Park and Relax Mobile Massage Making Life Better Through Healthy Lifestyles Thanks for being an Advocate for Women around the World $398.10
Jul 20 MaSheena Congratulations!!! $27.48
Jul 20 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Jul 20 Anonymous Undisclosed amount