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Help Erica raise money

For participating in Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon

My Story…

Everyone deserves a safe home.

In Canada and around the world, the most dangerous place for women and children is in their own home. Abuse and violence depend on isolation and control, which abusers have had an increased access to throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Shelter Movers Nova Scotia empowers survivors of abuse by removing the cost, security threat and logistical burdens they face when leaving their abuser. 

When I was introduced to the organization and the impact it was making, not only across the province of Nova Scotia, but across Canada, I knew I needed to get involved.  Little did I know that it would lead me to run in my first ever race! I hope you will consider supporting my fundraising efforts.

Your donation will bring Shelter Movers Nova Scotia one step closer to reaching its goal of raising $10,000 through the Blue Nose Marathon Charity Challenge, which will support an additional 50 families transition to a life free of violence. 


Shelter Movers is the only service of its kind in Canada, operating in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax Regional Municipality. Over 500+ volunteers across the country create a safe and empowering space for survivors of abuse to transition to a better life.  Growing evidence suggests a significant long-term societal benefit when the cycle of violence is broken. Shelter Movers takes on the logistical, security and financial burden of moving and storing survivors’ belongings, allowing local social services (shelters, police and hospitals) to focus on their primary objectives. Shelter Movers partners with in excess of 60 shelters and agencies in the cities we serve, and since being established in 2016, we have completed over 1100 moves across Canada.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Nov 06 Jeanette Smith What a great cause Erica !! Way to go. $50.00
Oct 30 Dom Go orca!! $25.00
Oct 29 Lori More Way to go Erica. What a great cause $50.00
Oct 27 Shelter Movers Nova Scotia So proud of you Erica. Hope this helps you achieve your goal. $100.00
Oct 22 Lamonde & More Good Luck Erica! $100.00
Oct 15 Michelle Leask Woooo go Erica! $25.00
Oct 13 Erica More What a great cause Erica! $50.00
Oct 13 Tabitha Beedle $25.00
Oct 13 Susan Watters $50.00
Oct 13 Erica More $25.00