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Help Julia raise money

For participating in 2021 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

My Story…

Hello Everyone!  

Welcome to my fundraising page!  

It has been a tough year for our clients, struggling to survive under the epidemic!  Its challenges & isolation has brought more and more clients in need to come, seeking support. Sometimes it breaks my heart to hear their stories.  But I am glad that LWCC is a place they can come and finding hope.  I am participating to ensure that all those who needs help will be able to continue finding it here regardless their financial situations.  

Help me make a difference to our community by supporting the Living Water Counselling Centre to provide counselling/psychotherapy services and psycho-educational programs for many low- or limited-income Chinese immigrants and families who face social, mental and family relationship challenges during the pandemic. Please donate generously and support my charity actions goal!


對我們的客戶來說,這是艱難的一年,在疫情下創造了許多掙扎需求 !它的挑戰和孤立導致越來越多的客戶前來尋求支持。有時聽到他們的故事讓我心碎。但我很高興這是一個他們可以來到並找到希望的地方。我參與其中是為了確保所有需要幫助的人無論其財務狀況如何,都能夠繼續在這裡找到幫助希望!

請幫助我改變社區, 透過步行籌款支持「泉源輔導中心」為處於疫情中的低收入大多市華人移民及家庭提供身心靈健康教育和專業婚姻家庭輔導/心理治療服務!請慷慨捐助支持我達成籌款的目標!

Donate to help Julia raise money for 2021 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Oct 07 Dennis Mok Keep up the good work, Julia! $100.00
Oct 07 Pamela Amazing job! $50.00
Oct 04 Gloria Geum Choi Supporting You! $30.00
Oct 04 Anonymous Shine, Julia, Shine! Go forth with confidence! $20.00
Oct 03 Josephine May God bless you! $25.00
Oct 03 Queenie Leung $100.00
Oct 03 Stephen Lam Keep it up Julia $50.00
Oct 02 Janice Chu $50.00
Oct 01 Stanley and Joanne Thanking God for the life line that He provides through you and the organization! $250.00
Sep 30 KIT MING KOO Good to see you dear amazing partner $50.00