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Raise money for Windsor Pride-Run for Rocky

Five Run for Rocky events took place annually beginning in April of 2013 with the FINALE event taking place on April 9th 2017. The fundraising efforts through this event has established a fund that will help support Gay Straight Alliances in local high schools and post secondary schools in the years to come. This financial support includes GSA grants, GSA scholarships, funding students and educators to go to GSA educational conferences, the purchase of educational resources that help support parents and educators and Diversity Training for educators. The funding model to support GSA's financially is unique to all of Canada. 

The Run for Rocky Legacy Project will continues to collect donations and put these funds to use following our strict funding model.  

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Aug 04 Jennifer Matotek $50.00
Jul 16 Giovanni Esposito $25.00
Jul 04 Nicola Townend Thanks for your support of the University of Windsor's AQ in Teaching LGBTQ+ students this spring. I learned so much! $100.00
Jul 03 Jimmy Steele Thank you for your support of the Teaching LGBTQ Students educators' course this year. May many more educators benefit from this course! $50.00
Apr 09 Jay Brewster Thanks for the work you do. $100.00
Apr 09 Jeff Chapman $50.00
Apr 09 Giovanni Esposito $50.00
Apr 09 Dillon Fitzgerald $25.00
Apr 09 Jean Bailey $100.00
Apr 02 Peter Loaring $250.00