Administrative Ace

(Part time)

Are you looking for a part-time position that allows you the flexibility to do what you wish with your days as well as with your evenings? Do you enjoy office camaraderie and an upbeat environment? Race Roster is a thriving tech company that is seeking a supportive role for their office manager! Ideally, you would be in sync with the Office Manager; able to cover the basic responsibilities when they’re away and vice versa. We have grown to the point of needing a dynamic duo and we hope that it could be you!

Job Responsibilities

  • keeping a communication log with the office manager to maintain office supplies
  • restocking fridges, pantries and bathrooms
  • tidying up common areas
  • cleaning up kitchens
  • putting on the dishwasher and emptying the coffee pots
  • changing out garbage and recycling as needed
  • wiping down glass doors/common area tables


  • excellent communicator
  • self-motivated
  • responsible and respectful
  • flexible and willing to step in for some extra time or responsibility as needed
  • strong attention to detail
  • able to anticipate the needs of the office


2 hours per day Monday – Friday (preferred hours are 4-6pm)