April 29th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Details > Fundraising Organization
We have updated the team language and website hyperlink copy.

Event Details > Participant List
We have changed the title of the forward-facing participant list from “List participants” to “Participant list”.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
In Fundraising page stylings, we have added help text under certain fields to let fundraising coordinators know what copy/sections they are editing. 

System Generated Emails > Receipts
The product quantity has been added to the receipt if multiple products are purchased.

April 22nd, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Email campaigns
“Country” is now a trigger Event Organizers can use for Email campaigns.

Event Organizer > Event info
When creating an event, you can now add any country that is part of the European Union (EU).

Event Organizer > Participant list
There are two new check box fields, “Participant waivers” and “Waivers signed on behalf of” that you can select when viewing your participant list.

Event Organizer > Staff access
Minor copy updates have been made to the Staff access overview page for clarity.

Participant > Dashboard
We have added our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on the self-signing waiver page.

Registration > Personal information
You can now have customers only register if their address is based in a certain region (province/state).

Registration > Series
We have disabled the breadcrumb links on the checkout page.

April 15th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Series
We have added a banner on the event refund report page if a series registration has been refunded. This will also display this page in the series dashboard menu.

Event Organizer > Custom pages
Custom Pages and custom links are now in their own respective tabs in the custom pages and links overview page.

Event Organizer > Custom link
We have the ability to toggle off and on the custom calendar link that appears on the event details page.

Event Organizer > Resources
Event Organizer resources such as our knowledge base, blog, and support contact modal are now searchable on the Event Organizer dashboard menu.

Event Organizer > Additional charges
Line items have been renamed to Additional charges.

April 8th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Staff access
Our Staff access page has been cerberized. 

Event Details > Fundraising
We now display the parent participant from the bundled registration in the team members section when only one fundraising page is allowed in bundle settings.

April 1st, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Duplication
When duplicating an event you now have the ability to bring over your custom pages to your new event.

Event Organizer > Sub-events
We have made the UX friendlier within sub-events by creating labels to identify sub-events that are disabled, hidden in registration, and hidden in series. This update also includes the change from checkboxes to toggles.

March 30th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Event Page Settings
You can now embed a map from

Event Organizer > Fundraising
The copy under “Allow requests for donation receipts” has been updated.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
Fundraising restriction per sub-event now has to have at least one fundraising organization in order to save properly.

Event Organizer > Manage Events
We have removed the legacy manage events page.

Event Organizer > Participant List
The donation amount for a bundled registration based on bundle sub-event settings is now displayed correctly within the participant list.

Event Organizer > Refund Report
We have removed the $ symbol from the refund report export.

Event Organizer > Registration Questions
We have added two marketing opt-in templated questions. One is an updated version of our SMS opt-in question and the other is an email opt-in question.

March 18th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Products
The products feature has been cerberized.

Event Organizer > Campaigns
In the metrics section, we have replaced clicks vs sends to be a ratio of clicks vs opens.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
Copy for charity tax receipts has been updated to include a prefix max for receipt numbers.

System Generated Emails > Event Opening and Close Dates
The base template has been updated for event opening and closing emails.

System Generated Emails > Go-Live
The base template has been updated for go-live emails.

System Generated Emails > Gifts
The base template has been updated for gift purchase and recipient emails.

System Generated Emails > Payouts
The base template has been updated for payout notification emails.

March 12th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Email Campaigns
New merge tags have been added for Third-Party Codes. You can now pull in codes from multiple pools to include as merge tags.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
Copy has been changed for the option “Allow donations towards a team”.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
We have added info bubbles to tax receipt settings headers.

Event Organizer > Volunteers
The Volunteer list has been cerberized.

Registration > Series
In the breadcrumbs, we have removed the link for series details.

March 4th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Campaigns
We have added a new template, “Virtual Challenge”. This template instructs participants on how to post activities for a challenge event.

Event Organizer > Campaigns
The base template has been updated making campaigns standard across all email platforms. 

Event Organizer > Custom Waivers
When there is no custom waiver applied to a sub-event, the default waiver will now be used.

Event Organizer > Event Info
You can now select Denmark as a Country when creating an event.

Event Organizer > Event Info
We have added Explanation Text for Enable Display Date.

Event Organzier > Fundraising
Participant fundraising on specific sub-events is now available. With this feature, you can allow and restrict registrants to fundraise based on the sub-event they selected.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
Copy on the Fundraising style settings overview page has been updated.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
The helper text has been updated for Charity Tax receipts.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
The copy on the Fundraising organization page settings has been updated.

Event Organizer > Go Live
We have added acknowledgment that fundraising has been enabled or disabled for the event.

Event Details > Teams
Active fundraisers are now displayed on the team fundraising page.

Event Details > Team Leaderboards
You can now add frontend metrics for total raised by team category. 

Promoter > Payment Profiles
We have added links for setting up personal payment profiles in all currencies.

Registration > Fundraising
Preferred charity is now auto-filled if a join team link is used for registration.

Registration > Personal Information
Japanese Prefectures have been added to the registration form if you enter or select a Japanese address.

February 25th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Limits
We now include unredeemed gift codes in the participant count.

Participant > Dashboard
The team pledge link only displays now if team pledging is turned on.

February 18th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Fundraising
You can now add iframes/videos in the fundraising page description section, individual fundraising page description/story section, and team fundraising page description/story section.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
We updated the copy after a charity tax receipt has been approved. After a tax receipt has been approved a banner will display the following message: Certain fields can not be edited because tax receipts are approved. If changes to these locked fields are needed, please contact

Event Organizer > Fundraising
The Organization ID has been added underneath the Organization Name field.

System Generated Emails > Charity Tax Receipts
Charity Tax Receipts are translated based on locale.

February 12th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Series
Price adjustments of a product option are now functional in series registration.

Event Organizer > Store
Product inventory display options now appear on Store.

Event Organizer > Email Campaigns
We have added a Valentine’s Day template to our list of default templates.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
When duplicating an event, if fundraising is included we will not carry over the fundraising close date.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
You can now edit the following fields for a fundraising organization after your tax receipt has been approved: Website, Logo, Description, Organization Point of Contact, and Fundraising Settings.

Event Organizer > Expenses
When duplicating an event, you have the ability to conditionally duplicate event expenses and the ability to delete existing expenses.

Event Organizer > Duplication
When duplicating products you now have the option to copy product inventory over to your new event.

Event Organizer > Duplication
When duplicating an event, the charity settings access for all the event directors will be carried over.

Website > Search
When searching for an event, we have included labels such as Event Type (In-person and/or Virtual) and Distance.

February 4th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Event Info
We have added a display date in the event info section. The date entered will be displayed on the event details page when set.

Event Organizer > Sub-events
We have added a reorder pricing strategies link that directs you to the sub-events overview page. This allows Event Organizers to reorder registration fees on the event details page.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
There is now a default message in place for individual fundraising page descriptions. By adding the default message on the backend, Event Organizers will know what the default message is if they choose to leave the description blank.

Event Organizer > Metrics
Metrics have been cerberized.

Event Organizer > Team Settings
We have added an ‘I” stating what additional information is shown when ‘Allow team members to view, message teams and export team member data’ check box is checked.

Registration > Thank You Page
Apple Wallet has been updated for 2021.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
We have updated the copy for the custom close date feature.

January 28th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Waivers
When a new waiver is added to a live event, we can apply it to the existing participants. Moreover, participants who were manually added can sign the waiver from their participant dashboard.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
We updated the Charity Tax Receipt section by adding helper text to both receipt number prefix and start, max length, and updated default values.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
The charity tax receipts page has been cerberized.

Event Organizer > Dashboard
The charity transaction date is now the default start date for the donations widget on the dashboard.

January 21st, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Sub-events
The toggle to make the sub-event hidden/visible has been moved from the sub-events overview page to the individual sub-event’s properties page.

Event Organizer > Event Page Settings
If you have a Race Roster photo gallery associated with your event, you can now add your gallery as a widget to your event details page.

Event Organizer > Team Settings
You can now add an age restriction to segments. This allows individuals that fall between a specific age range to select that specific segment.

Event Organizer > Payment Profiles
Event Organizers have the ability to create EUR payment profiles.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
The Fundraising settings page has been cerberized.

Event Organizer > Email Campaigns
We have removed subdivision as a field from the sender profile creation process if it does not apply to the entered address.

Event Organizer > Promo Codes
We have added notes as its own column on the promo code overview table.

Event Organizer > Gifts
We have updated the query to include gifts that were purchased during registration.

Event Organizer > Campaigns
We have added additional information in the send and enable modal such as schedule and recipents.

Event Organizer > Campaigns
Runkeeper is now a trigger. If set as a trigger, an email will go out to participants who have registered through Runkeeper.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
The Donation Report has editable headers allowing you to change the name of the column header. These custom headers also export along with your donation report.

Registration > RegShield
RegShield is now removed from the registration if the sub-event is free.

Club Organizer > Payouts
Payout Statements have been updated.

Donation > Thank You Page
The image of the cellphone has been removed from the thank you page after a donation has been made.

January 7th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Waivers
You can now allow participants who did not register themselves to sign their own waiver outside of registration from the participant dashboard.

Event Organizer > Promo Codes
You can now add or remove events from organizational promo codes if the promo code has yet to be redeemed.

Event Organizer > Director Access & Settings
Access claim email addresses were previously case sensitive. This has been updated to ignore case sensitivity.

Event Organizer > Participant Dashboard Message
Merge tags have been removed from this section.

Event Organizer > Registration Questions
The Registration Questions overview page has been cerberized.

Registration > Bundles
When participants register for a bundled sub-event, they will now only have one fundraising page.

Registration > Teams
Terms & Conditions were added to the teams’ section during registration when Runkeeper is enabled and when the team captain sees registration information.

Fundraising > Individual Fundraising Page
We can now disable fundraising pages. When disabled, the page and donations will no longer be available to the public.

Event Details Page > Fundraising
The top fundraising individuals are now displayed on the Fundraising Organization’s donation page.

April 1st, 2019

Feature Releases

  • Event Details Page > Fundraising Organization > Teams that are affiliated with the fundraising organization who have raised $0.00 are now displayed.
  • Fundraising Settings > Tax Receipts > We no longer allow ‘space’ as a character for the prefix.
  • Participant Data > New Transfer Request > Event Organizers have the ability to override transfer settings.
  • Participant Data > New Transfer Request > Event Organizers now receive a warning message when trying to transfer an inactive participant.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > We have removed all export to email options.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Event Info > We have added time zones for the Netherlands.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Event Access > There is now a disclaimer added when inviting/adding a new director.
  • Donations > Donations must be $5.00 or more in order to make a contribution.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Products > There is now a warning message regarding product discounts on series and onsite.


  • Registration > Check Out > Display issue with Product Discounts on the order summary > Fixed.
  • Discount and Access Codes > Third-Party Codes > Display issue with third-party codes on the PDFs > Fixed.
  • Event Details Page > Fundraising Pages > Display issue with Achievements > Fixed.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Fundraising List > Exporting the report was broken > Fixed.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Fundraising List > Was unable to sort the report > Fixed.

February 14th, 2019

Feature releases

  • Registration > Postal/ZIP Codes have been removed from the registration form if you select a country where Postal/ZIP codes do not apply
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Teams > When editing a team, the team name will appear at the top of the edit modal.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Donor Data > Fundraising list > Active/Inactive fundraisers as a filter option have been removed and replaced with “Amount Raised is Equal or More than / Less than”.
  • Event Details Page > We now have the ability to re-order pricing strategies.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Metrics > Registration question metrics display has been updated.
  • Registration Question > We can now collect shipping information during registration.
  • Onsite > You can search by first AND last name during check-in.
  • Registration > Check-out > First name, last name, and email are required on free transactions.
  • Event Organizer > Volunteer Tools > The volunteer registration close date can now be set to after event registration close date.


  • Registration > Checkout > There was a display issue with receipts > Fixed.
  • Participant Dashboard > While joining a team after registration, team registration questions were not being displayed properly > Fixed.

February 7th, 2019

Feature releases

  • Security > Password reset emails have been updated. The link to update your password is only valid for 15mins. You will then receive an email to confirm that your email has been updated.
  • Onsite > Check-in> When assigning a bib number and/or checking someone in you have to exit out or click save in order to exit the window.
  • Welcome Page > To get to an event’s dashboard you would have to click the view dashboard link. Now, each event tile is now clickable.
  • Registration > Personal Information > Gender labels have been updated to include non-binary and prefer not to disclose.
  • Integrations > We are fully integrated with Adventure Advocates.
  • Regisitration> Donate > When there is only one charity the content of the charity is condensed until a donation amount is selected.
  • Registration > Teams > If there is only one team category it will automatically populate as the selection during registration.
  • Registration > Registration Questions > Autocomplete is disabled for registration questions.
  • Event Details Page > Teams > When editing a team name we now validate if the team name is already in use.
  • Registration > Checkout > When a transaction is free we do not ask for billing information anymore.