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NEW ASICS Runkeeper™ app connection for challenges

Taking part in a distance, elevation, or time-based challenge is now easier than ever. Connect your event with the ASICS Runkeeper™ app to offer your participants an entirely seamless challenge experience on Race Roster™! Find out what’s new…

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New custom registration messages

We’ve recently introduced the ability to create custom messages directly from your registration pages! This is a great way to keep registrants informed on any important details you want them to know while registering for your event. Learn more about custom registration messages…

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NEW donation fee coverage chart

A new chart has been added to your fundraising metrics page, indicating how many donors chose to increase their donation to cover the fee, and how many did not. Before we dive further into this new chart’s capabilities, let’s touch up on the donor top-up tool…

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Updated transfer dashboard

The transfer dashboard just got a makeover! With our latest enhancements, initiating a participant transfer is quick and easy. Simply transfer a registration to a different sub-event or another person entirely, seamlessly review registrant details, and analyze transfer data at a glance. Check out the full article to find out what’s new with the transfer…

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