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Restrict event registrations by location

As event organizers, it is often our goal to deliver the experience of our events to as many people as possible. However, with COVID-19 restrictions and various other challenges that have arisen, we may find ourselves needing to limit our events to specific locations. Our new location limit feature makes it incredibly easy to restrict…

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New configuration settings for staff members with full access

We’ve recently introduced a number of new configuration settings, giving you more control over your event settings. Read on to find out which configuration settings are now available to staff members with full access…

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Results updates

Great experiences don’t end at the finish line. We believe the result-viewing experience is just as important as every other step in the participant journey. To help you display more valuable content on your results page, we’ve added a variety of merge tag options to your ‘display messages’ and ‘finisher certificates’. We’ve also made a few additions that will save more of your valuable time…

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More waiver additions: Collect signatures from any participant with an unsigned waiver

Our latest waiver tool enhancements grant you even more flexibility when it comes to collecting signatures. With our previous release, you could collect waiver signatures from participants registered by someone else. Now, you are able to collect waiver signatures from any participant! Learn more about our latest enhancements to the waiver tool.

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