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Registration Closed

River Zombies 5K

Race for your life!

Saturday, October 26, 2013 - 11:00 AM EDT

110 W Mercer Ave, Albany, GA  Map   Website

Event Details

Online Registration for River Zombies 5K is now closed. Same day registration WILL take place from 11 am to 2 pm at the race site 110 W. Mercer (the old First Tee Location).


A 5K Fun Run Obstacle Course to benefit the Flint RiverQuarium. Try to avoid the Zombies and be the first across the finish line!

This is an untimed race. Each person crossing the finish line will receive a medal. There will be a prize for the first female and first male to cross the finish line with the most life flags left.

Registraion begins at 11 am. The Race is at 3 pm. Festival and musical entertaiment begins at 11 am.

The Race location for this year has been changed to the old First Tee location.

Registration Fees (all values in USD)

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Zombie Race


Jul 02 - Oct 25

Registration Closed

Event Day Schedule

Oct 26 11:00 AM - Registration and Packet Pick-up

Oct 26 11:00 AM - Festival Opens

Oct 26 11:00 AM - Black Cat Battery Performs

Oct 26 11:00 AM - DJ Mystro

Oct 26 12:00 PM - Realization

Oct 26 1:00 PM - Wampus Creek

Oct 26 2:00 PM - Invert the Idols

Oct 26 3:00 PM - Good Life Drum Circle

Oct 26 3:00 PM - Race Start

Oct 26 4:00 PM - Doghead Performs

Oct 26 5:00 PM - Intoxicated Logic Performs

Oct 26 6:00 PM - Poser.

Official Rules

  • Humans must be at least 12 years old
  • To qualify for first place you must run the entire course and complete all obstacles, you may choose not to complete an obstacle, but you will not be qualified to win
  • Humans must wear their number bib in a visible location while running
  • Life Flags must be visible and accessible
  • Humans do NOT become Zombies when all lives are lost, continue running even if all life flags are lost
  • All Humans who complete the course, regardless of the number of life flags still held, will receive a medal
  • Zombies may ‘steal’ the life flag of any runner by pulling the flag off – you may not tackle, trip, punch or otherwise physically impede a runner
  • Humans may not punch, trip or otherwise physically impede Zombies
  • Humans may not steal life flags from Zombies
  • Zombies will have marked areas they must stay in while they attempt to steal Human life flags
  • Absolutely NO WEAPONS of any kind allowed
  • Participants must abide by instructions given by race officials during race
  • Disqualification will occur when a participant fails to wear their number, hides life flags, leaves the course, takes a shortcut or otherwise exhibits poor sportsmanship
  • Participants understand and acknowledge that River Zombies 5K is an extreme event and accept all risks associated with the event. All participants must sign a waiver, under age 18 participants must have a parent or guardian present to sign the waiver
  • Participants agree to photographs to being taken and to allow the Flint RiverQuarium to use such photos for future promotions
  • All wheeled devices are strictly prohibited from the course during the race
  • Non-participants will not be allowed on the course during the run


A big thank you to all of this year's sponsors:



Event Contact Information

Name: Vicki Churchman

Phone: 229-639-2650

Email: vchurchman@flintriverquarium.com

Website: http://www.flintriverquarium.com