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My Story…

Diagnosed with Stage 1 Group 3 Rhabdomyosarcoma on March 4, 2019, just 4 days shy of being 18 months old. Helping to pay it forward to make a difference for all the other kids in the future! Not only is September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month but it is also Merritt’s birthday month! So help her make a huge difference!

Donate to help Merritt raise money for RACE FOR KIDS CANCER’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Sep 28 Anonymous $160.60
Sep 23 Anonymous $16.83
Sep 18 Hilary Burton Undisclosed amount
Sep 13 Anonymous $267.10
Sep 08 Bonnie Walser Bonnie and Donnie love you Merritt! Happy Birthday 🎉 $27.48
Sep 08 Glenn, Heather and Eli Sherrill Merritt we are so proud of you!! You are a beautiful warrior princess! $107.35
Sep 07 Anonymous $107.35
Sep 06 Lou Wilson Aaron, God Bless and keep your little girl. And puts His arms around her, keeps and comforts her and help her not to be afraid! God Bless! $533.35
Sep 06 Jennifer McDonnell Prayers every day for my favorite Jeep girl. 💜💛 $54.10
Sep 06 Lorena Martin Fighting w/MERRITT and for all kids. $27.48