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For participating in SudburyROCKS 2024

My Story…

Throughout my life, I've witnessed the triumphs, struggles, and heartbreaking losses experienced by those affected directly and indirectly by cancer. These cumulative experiences have ignited a profound determination to make a difference, aiming to contribute in any way possible to alleviate the burden that this disease places on so many lives.

To me, running a marathon mirrors the arduous journey of battling cancer. Both journeys are fraught with numerous highs and lows, testing one's physical and mental resilience. However, in both, the key is to keep moving forward, step by step, day by day, despite the obstacles and setbacks encountered along the way. Each kilometre conquered in a marathon, like each day or treatment endured in the fight against cancer, brings us closer to the finish line.

On the 26 May 2024, I plan on running the Sudbury Rocks marathon in full police uniform and boots.

By running in uniform, I hope to honor the bravery of those who have, are, or will take on the battle against cancer. Despite the inevitable difficulties ahead, I understand that the trials I'll face pale in comparison to the pain and suffering endured by those fighting for their lives against cancer. It's a humbling reminder that while my journey may be tough, it's a privilege to endure temporary discomfort in support of those facing far greater difficulties. Personally, this is not a “race”, this is a journey; it’s about simply starting and finishing whatever that looks like. 

As part of our journey, I’ll be raising money for the Northern Cancer Foundation. Thanks in advance for those who have decided to donate.

Better yet, I see this as an opportunity to create a ripple effect of motivation, positivity, and empowerment within our community, regardless of your physical abilities . Set your own goals and pursue them relentlessly without comparing yourself to those around you. Don’t be shy or intimidated, I assure you the running community is unbelievably inclusive and supportive. 

With that said, please consider joining me or signing up to travel, walk, and/or run any distance you’re capable of. Whether it's the kids 1k, Family 5K, Solo 5K, 10k, half marathon, 8 person relay marathon, or solo marathon. If for whatever reason you’re unable to participate, your willingness to volunteer or attend for encouragement are equally as meaningful to everyone involved. 

All proceeds/registration fees support the Northern Cancer Foundation; thus through our collective efforts, we can play a direct role in improving cancer care and outcomes in Sudbury and Northeastern Ontario. Together, we can run towards a future where cancer is no longer a threat.

Lastly, for those unable to donate, participate, or attend, I have one more favour/request. If you're willing, please share any personal stories/pictures—whether they're about yourself, someone you know, or someone you've known—who has faced the ultimate battle against cancer. I promise I will personally read each story. In addition to my own, these narratives will serve as profound motivation as I prepare for and undertake my endeavor. I'll hold them close in my thoughts and dedicate my run to those who are/have fought valiantly against this disease. Emails are also welcomed from those I inspired to sign up, attend, or volunteer in any capacity.

Thank you very much 

Donate to help Michael raise money for SudburyROCKS 2024’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jun 08 Visit Cache Creek Impressive!! $27.80
Jun 02 Anonymous Incredible thing you did! Donating in memory of my wonderful father-in-law who was taken much too soon. $27.80
Jun 01 Anonymous Job well done. $108.31
May 30 Lynz Keys An impressive feat! $54.63
May 29 Andrea Levans Well done! $27.80
May 29 Anonymous My mother passed away from cancer. Keep continuing to do good work. Undisclosed amount
May 29 #4099 TBPS $27.80
May 28 Jerry and Sheila Lada In memory of Barbara Lada who was head of Radiation Oncology at HSN from 1993-2001 and died in 2003 of cancer. Congrats on your run! $108.31
May 27 Heather Hodgkinson my donation is in memory of Katie Star, my 7 year old niece who fought a strong battle for 5 years but sadly passed away 8 years ago $27.80
May 27 Crystal Dupuis Je suis incroyablement fière de toi, Michael!!!! Bravo bravo bravo!!! $108.31