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My Story…

On April 26, I'll be participating in the Balanse Bum Run to raise awareness about colorectal cancer screening and prevention. I'll be on Dave Brown's team, my almost-brother-in-law, who battled colon cancer and a long treatment regimen in 2011. Thankfully he's healthy now. Since then, he's become an active leader in this annual event and a source of inspiration for others facing the same tough road.

As a nurse working in oncology, I've witnessed the devastating effects a cancer diagnosis has on patients and families. While treatment is the standard strategy, prevention is the best medicine. Fundraising will help finance the advancement of colon cancer treatments and improve public awareness campaigns to bring about better prevention and screening practices. All of this will save a lot of pain, anguish, lives and money.

If you're able to, please donate to this cause. If not, just send a comment to cheer our team on!

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Apr 20 Steven Richie $100.00
Apr 19 jordan richie $50.00