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FAB Foundation

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Fit Active Beautiful

Our passion is helping young girls become strong women.

Our focus is reaching youth girls in lower income communities.

Our goal is to inspire youth girls to dream big, live big.

Our strategy is to build their self confidence and goal setting skills.

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Apr 02 Christian Gundlack $25.00
Apr 02 Dean Dunbavin $25.00
Apr 02 Ingrid Smith $25.00
Apr 01 Narinder Bhogal $25.00
Apr 01 Kimberley A Rynn $25.00
Mar 30 Matt Andrews $25.00
Mar 30 Daman Bajwa $100.00
Mar 30 Ashley Weeren $25.00
Mar 27 Karrie LeBlanc $25.00
Mar 24 Alison Murphy $25.00