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Help Cathie raise money

For participating in BUFFALO SUPERHERO RACE

Total raised
$350.00 Goal: $500.00

My Story…

When someone hears that you have cancer, they are there to help in anyway possible. When they hear that you/ your child has a mental illness they run the opposite way. Just imagine the difference a hour and a dollar can make. It doesn't take much- it can be as small as giving up that Tim Horton's cup of coffee- one dollar... that's it! a little goes along way. The impact you make on the today will impact the future of tomorrow. It is the small things in life that make a difference. Help be the difference now before it is to late. I got lucky, I found out about these programs later on in life & just in time. Only if I had the chance when I was younger, the difference my life would of been. There are more that need to feel that they have just hit the jackpot, & the only way that can be is by pledging today which goes to helping out the CASA program of the Mental Health Association & the mentoring programs of Compeer. Don't delay! You don't have to have a special uniform take it from the 2 Superheros pictured with me

Recent donors

Jun 06 Chris Schmigel $25.00
Jun 05 Randall Hoak $25.00
Jun 04 Alaina & Shaun Garvey $25.00
Jun 04 Howard Hitzel $25.00
Jun 04 Howard Hitzel $25.00
Jun 01 Anonymous $100.00
May 22 jeffrey anker $100.00
May 11 Ron Gentner $25.00