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Help Roberta raise money

For participating in 21st Annual 5K Run and Walk for Lupus

My Story…

It has been 5 years since my diagnosis of Lupus although I know it's been with me a long time. Only hope, prayer, the love and support from friends and family have helped me endure the isolation, pain and weakness. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that creates anti autobodies that attack our good cells. Bacteria, virus, stress, florescent lighting or brief sun exposure can cause the body to start attacking one's good cells resulting in joint pain, extreme fatigue and headaches. One point five million Men, women and children suffer fromLupus. No organ is safe. I loved 1/2 marathons, yoga class, weight training and speed walking; now I avoid the sun and stay indoors a lot. That part of my life has passed but now I CAN do this 5K walk to cure Lupus! I want 50 team members on "Roberta's Hope For Research Team. Please join us! Otherwise, I hope you can make a donation for LFNC and support Lupus awareness, education and research. Thank you for your support.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jun 19 BJ J Sports Awards and Gifts $50.00
Jun 19 David Wolfsmith $100.00
Jun 19 Robert Ferguson $20.00
Jun 19 Yu-Chyong Chiu $20.00
Jun 19 Mary Burns $50.00
Jun 19 Peter Graves $20.00
Jun 19 Elliot Binder $150.00
Jun 19 Nancy Huff $50.00
Jun 19 George Padilla $100.00
Jun 19 Randy S. Brown $20.00