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Farm To Fork

Raise money for Farm To Fork

The Farm To Fork project began with a simple question: in a culture that wastes nearly 40% of all food produced, how do we connect the people who have fresh food to give to those who need it most?

Farm To Fork is part of the solution. Designed to facilitate communication between donors and emergency food service providers, Farm To Fork aims to increase the quality and quantity of fresh food donated to local food banks and food pantries.

How is this accomplished? It’s as simple as an email delivered the day you typically go shopping – letting you know what is needed, and where it is needed most.

Be part of a better solution. Be part of Farm To Fork.

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
May 31 Junior Patterson $1,000.00
May 28 Courtney Laurie $25.00
May 28 Anonymous $25.00
May 28 Arthur A MacDonald $50.00
May 27 Anonymous $15.00
May 24 Anonymous $50.00
May 24 Anonymous $25.00
May 07 Bob MacIntosh $25.00
Mar 27 Mike Coughlin $25.00
Mar 26 Jennifer Edwards $25.00