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CA$1,170.00 Goal: CA$2,000.00

Our story…

When we welcomed our son, Jacob, on November 7, 2007, we never expected to be thrown into a world of unknowns but learned over time to confront the challenges of each new day. We remain hopeful that God will continue to look over Jacob during the challenges he may face in life, as in the his early days of life the odds were stacked against him. At day 7 of life, an MRI revealed that Jacob had suffered a stroke in the left hemisphere of his brain, as well as a blood clot which had resulted in serious damage to his right arm.
We’d been told by SickKids that Jacob’s development to date is miraculous, given his stroke and blood clot. We celebrate each milestone that Jacob accomplishes and reflect each day how far he has come from that early, disheartening prognosis. Jacob’s a fantastic example of the neuroplasticity of a baby's brain. While we continue to worry about each stage of Jacob's development, we're comforted by Jacob determination and willpower to overcome his challenges.

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Jacob Zina

Raised: CA$1,120.00

Charmaine Zina

Raised: CA$50.00

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Nelson Zina

Raised: CA$0.00

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Jun 29 Pamela Cook CA$50.00
Jun 28 Mark Johnson CA$50.00
Jun 24 Demiesha Dennis CA$20.00
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May 13 FIPS INC CA$1,000.00