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Essex Region Conservation

Raise money for Essex Region Conservation

This event is co-hosted by the Essex Region Conservation Authority and the Rotary Club of Windsor-St. Clair.  ERCA will use their portion of the funds to preserve habitat and enhance visitor services at Conservation Areas.  The Rotary Club of Windsor-St. Clair uses funds raised to implement local and worldwide service projects.


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

The SCARbonneaus

Raised: $1,150.00

Clockwork Oranges

Raised: $35.00

Are we there yet?

Raised: $25.00

The ER

Raised: $25.00

Get Outside Fitness - C4

Raised: $25.00

3rd Times A Charm

Raised: $25.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jun 17 Carol Predhomme $25.00
Jun 05 Bruce and Paulette Taylor $50.00
Jun 01 Daniel Arki $25.00
May 04 Steve Charbonneau $50.00
Apr 28 Renee Lefebvre $25.00
Apr 16 Emily Charbonneau $50.00
Apr 05 Ruth Coursey $25.00
Apr 05 Pertti Purovaara $25.00
Mar 30 Anonymous $10.00
Mar 30 Anonymous $25.00