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Raise money for EssexRegionConservationFoundation

The Essex Region Conservation Foundation (ERCF) was established in 1977 to receive and maintain funds for charitable, educational, conservation and heritage purposes related directly or indirectly to the conservation, restoration, development and management of natural and heritage resources in the Essex Region.

The Foundation’s Mission is to create awareness and raise funds to enhance our natural environment for healthy living and economic vibrancy in the Essex Region. The Foundation raises money for projects undertaken by The Essex Region Conservation Authority.  The Authority receives a fixed amount annually as a grant, determined by the Foundation Board of Directors, which compensates the Authority for time its staff spends on activities of the Foundation.

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Aug 19 Bonnie Gignac $25.00
Aug 10 Heather Gagnon $25.00
Aug 10 Beth Richard $25.00
Aug 08 Paul Dawe $25.00
Jul 31 Anonymous $25.00
Jul 19 Lori-Ann Trudell $25.00
Jul 15 Jason Matis $25.00
Jul 14 Karen Hornbostel $25.00
May 21 Joanne Sugden $25.00