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The Defiance Youth Program

Raise money for The Defiance Youth Program

Our youth program is an in-school walk/run challenge that encourages children from grade one to eight to exercise, and our program rewards each child for their success.  Our challenge is non-competitive and focuses on each individual's progress throughout a school year.  Last year, we had 4500 participants.  This year, we are hoping for 8,000.

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Aug 04 Anonymous $25.00
Aug 02 Amy Mikhaila $25.00
Aug 01 Jennifer Anthony $25.00
Aug 01 Colleen Whitehouse $100.00
Jul 31 Anonymous $50.00
Jul 29 Anonymous $25.00
Jul 27 Keith Benn $50.00
Jul 27 Chantelle Bilodeau $25.00
Jul 25 Margaret Hustwick $25.00
Jul 23 Joanna Langstaff $25.00