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The Great Canadian Sleepwalk
- the road to good nights -

Help support the advancement of sleep medicine

and research in Canada


Join a team of 'sleepwalkers' in a 5km walk to raise awareness

about healthy sleep and raise funds for the Canadian Sleep Society. 

 Our mission: "Healthy sleep for healthy Canadians"

Our Vision: The Canadian Sleep Society is a national organization committed to improving sleep for all Canadians through: support for research, promotion of high quality clinical care, education of professionals and the public, and advocacy for sleep and sleep disorders medicine.

Registration Fees

Halifax Closed

Point Pleasant Park

Quebec City Closed

Universite Laval campus

Montreal Closed

Le Parc du Mont-Royal

Niagara Closed

Brock University campus (Bruce Trail)

Details of the Sleepwalk

Register for one of our Sleepwalks on Saturday, August 20th, 2016:

1. Halifax, NS, 9am Atlantic Time, Point Pleasant Park

  • Registration starts at 8:30 am. Meet at the parking lot at the end of Point Pleasant Drive (beside Black Rock Beach). If you are coming from Young Avenue or Tower Road, turn left and follow the road to the parking lot.

2. Quebec City, QU, 9am Eastern Time, Universite Laval Campus

  • Registration starts at 8:30 am. The meeting point is just in front of the Felix-Antoine-Savard pavilion (one of the two towers). Parking is free on weekends.

3. Montreal, QU, 10am Eastern Time, Le Parc du Mont-Royal

  • Registration begins at 9:30 am. The meeting point is in front of the Sir George-Étienne Cartier Monument. The walk will start at the monument, will follow the principal path of the Parc du Mont-Royal to the Mont-Royal Chalet before returning to the meeting point. Parking information will soon follow.

4. Niagara, ON, 10am Eastern Time, Brock University campus (Bruce Trail)

  • Registration starts at 9:30 am; look for our tent across from the Brock Bookstore. Parking is free in Zone 1 for sleepwalkers.

Thank you to our Sponsor and partners

The Canadian Sleep Society would like to thank our sponsor,

Dairy Farmers of Canada – Get ideas at project sleep

and our partners in the Aug 20th, 2016 Sleepwalk:

Alliance Santé Québec

Brock University

Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network (CSCN)

Centre for Lifespan Development Research

Dairy Farmers of Canada


Matelas Dauphin

Did you know...?

  • Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Inadequate sleep leads to poor mood and impaired performance.
  • Poor sleep leads to weight gain, obesity, and heart disease.


  • According to ParticipACTION, many kids are too tired to get enough physical activity during the day, and not active enough to be tired at night – it’s a vicious cycle. For optimal health, children and youth need to sweat, step, sleep and sit the right amounts.

Event Schedule

  • July 25 12:00 AM EDT - Sign up for the Sleepwalk in your community

  • August 1 12:00 AM EDT - Recruit friends and family to walk with you

  • August 8 12:00 AM EDT - Have you picked out your PJs or favourite dream costume to wear?

  • August 20 9:00 AM EDT - The Sleepwalk is here!!

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