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help raise funds, awareness, and build community in the Bay Area Human Race on 5/13 #bayareahumanrace

Our story…

At Oak Hill School, education for students with autism is driven by relationships central to building skills in relating, communicating and thinking. By providing innovative educational approaches and developing social emotional learning, we strive to empower students on the autism spectrum so they can realize their full potential.

Students aged 6-22 come from school districts throughout the San Francisco Bay Area to our beautiful setting in the hills of Marin County where we offer a comprehensive and individualized academic program integrated with speech, psychological and occupational therapies.

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Michael Breard

Raised: $2,350.00

Team leader

Yeva Swanner

Raised: $200.00

James Lee

Raised: $150.00

Crisanta Deguzman

Raised: $3,550.00

Elizabeth Murray

Raised: $0.00

Neddy Murray

Raised: $675.00

Daniel Murray

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Garrett Murray

Raised: $0.00

Michelle Barbera

Raised: $100.00

Christopher Shirley

Raised: $310.00

Whitney O'Keefe

Raised: $644.00

Michele Sumpton

Raised: $125.00

Simone Hughes

Raised: $1,150.00

Martin Bishop

Raised: $0.00

Ian Bishop

Raised: $25.00

Joy Leighton

Raised: $1,073.00

Luke Meng

Raised: $195.00


Raised: $0.00

Nicole Hamano

Raised: $900.00

Deborah Lyons

Raised: $90.00

Erica Richards

Raised: $0.00

Nicole Neuhaus

Raised: $500.00

Kathy Steinbach

Raised: $0.00

Georgia Palmer

Raised: $545.00

Jessica Jones

Raised: $1,565.00

Emily Carambat

Raised: $625.00


Raised: $1,340.00

Alessandro Duran

Raised: $340.00

Ben Duran

Raised: $461.00

James Murphy

Raised: $1,700.00

Jeanette Hall

Raised: $3,376.00

Avery Lauver

Raised: $170.00

Conrad Branson

Raised: $3,200.00

Caitlin Branson

Raised: $0.00

Whitney O'Keefe

Raised: $0.00

Tom Waterson

Raised: $805.00

Amy Bomse

Raised: $50.00

Oscar Bomse

Raised: $25.00

John Waterson

Raised: $0.00

Sharon Edgecombe

Raised: $0.00

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May 19 Justine Reese Undisclosed amount
May 19 Lisa Yong $50.00
May 19 Lisa Yong $50.00
May 19 Louis Rubenstein I'll be running with you in spirit McD (cough, splutter, cough, cough) $50.00
May 18 Anonymous $100.00
May 18 Katherine Hedin Run like a Bonesteeler, Mike....Bruce and Katherine $25.00
May 18 Jane Cheshire-Allen and Wilson Allen $50.00
May 17 Ellen Weber $50.00
May 17 Melinda Lassman Undisclosed amount
May 17 Michelle Cherrick $20.00