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Raise money for Joy and Hope of Haiti

The Joy and Hope of Haiti is comprised of a group of individuals who volunteer their time and energy to help the children and people of Haiti.

The Haiti Projects run under The Joy and Hope of Haiti are blessed by our many generous workers, all of whom give of their time, talents and energy voluntarily. No one is paid; everyone who travels to Haiti as part of a work team pays his/her own way - and because of this, there are no administration costs. That means that every donation of goods or money made to the Haiti Project truly finds its way to the people we want to help - the Haitians.


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Nov 15 Lesley Stephenson Undisclosed amount
Nov 06 Lynn Lahie $25.00
Nov 06 Sheri-Lynn Perry $25.00
Nov 05 Anonymous $100.00
Nov 05 Hélène Boudreau Heureuse que mon retard permette d'atteindre le cap de 1000$. Je t'applaudis Renée! Meilleurs vœux aux enfants. $100.00
Nov 05 Glenda Lenters $25.00
Nov 04 Wendy Granville $50.00
Nov 04 Karen Longhurst $50.00
Nov 04 Karen Buller Undisclosed amount
Nov 04 Ron Marsh $100.00