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Example Instructions

Volunteer Program Position Descriptions

Minumum Volunteer Age for this event is 14.

Each Color-5k is a unique event with unique Volunteer needs.  Each possible Volunteer role is listed below followed by a description of duties and general information.  Although some events may require each position be filled, most Color-5k’s run smoothly with 50-70 Volunteers – 5 for Registration and 20 for Color Throwers at the 5 Color Stations, the remaining will be placed at the Color Zones, setup, cleanup, and course monitors-traffic control.  As the event planning takes shape Color staff will confirm the number of Volunteers required, along with the roles to be filled based on venue, route, City/Fire/PD, and specific event needs.

Packet Pick Up:  Normally packet pickup will take place from 3-7pm on the day before the event at a local Sports Facility or at the event site.  If the event takes place on a Saturday, packet pickup will take place on a Friday the day before.  T-shirt packets, race maps, registration forms, etc., will be delivered to a pre-arranged location, e.g., a Color partner, such as a Sporting Goods Store.  Volunteers will pre-check-in runners, select and distribute t-shirt packet(s) of correct size, and distribute Color Pack(s) to runners.  Volunteers will also assist runners in registering for the race at the Packet Pick Up, and field general questions regarding the event – Start Time, Parking, Route, etc.  Pick-Up usually requires 5-10 Volunteers.

Setup-Take Down:  Event Set-Up and Breakdown generally requires 4-8 capable Volunteers to assist the Color-5K team before and after the event.  Lifting heavy equipment – speakers, generators, tents, staging, setting up arch, etc. – can be expected.  Assembly and/or construction of tents, stage, tables, chairs, signage is also common.  Shift times are approximately three hours prior to opening Registration and then two hours following the race. 

Parking, Course and Traffic:  Total number Volunteers required depending on route and venue is 10-15.  Assist in directing traffic to exits, entry points, parking, and ensuring runner safety and avoiding interruption of traffic flow.

Registration-Volunteer-Vendor-Merchandise Tents:  Five Volunteers to Check-In runners, assist with day-of registrations, direct other Volunteers to distribute correct size packet and Color Packs.  Once Registration closes, Registration Volunteers move to the Finish Line to throw color on runners at the end of the run and during the Color Explosion.

Color Stations:  Five Volunteers for each of the 5 Color Stations requires 20-30 Volunteers total.  Volunteers will throw color on runners as they pass the Color Stations,  cheer on and encourage runners, make sure radio is playing provided iPod.  Color “throwing” involves tossing food-grade corn starch underhand at runners.  Color is non-toxic and will not leave any permanent staining on clothes or skin.  Rolling up astro turf runner, consolidating any remaining color, turning off radio, and quick clean up of the area at the end of the race help expedite load out.

Water Station (2):  1 water-aid station at the start-finish and the second one to be located at the halfway point approximately.  4 volunteers at each aid station total of 8.  They will need to report 1.5 hours before race start and move aid into place, tables, water, bananas, apples, oranges etc.  They should be positioned and ready to provide aid 1 hour before race start.  Example, race begins at 10am, they should be in place and ready to by 9am.

Event Location

1800 Ignacio Blvd, Novato, CA 94949, United States

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