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Saint John Airport 5k / 10k & Kids Fun Run
presents the Undie Run, show you care for cancer down there - Saturday 17 June 2017

Latest News - We are thrilled to confirm that Air Canada will sponsor the Saint John Airport Runway Run on June 17, 2017 by providing two Economy Class return tickets for travel to any Air Canada scheduled destination in North America including Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Tickets will be used in a draw and you must be in attendance at the draw in person to win. Travel will have to be completed by June 30, 2018 and blackout periods apply. Terms & conditions apply.

Welcome to the 7th edition of the YSJ 10k & 5K race on the Runway at Saint John Airport on Saturday 17 June 2017. We are proud to be the original Maritime Airport race and we are excited to work with our colleagues at Saint John Airport in the build up to the race. This year we will be holding the race on the same day as the Airport Community Day.

In 2017 the Saint John Airport race is proud to partner with the Undie Run for a very unique event. Let us see your UNDIES... on June 17, put them on the outside where we can all see them and help put cancer down there out in the open. This event is to help bring awareness to cancers down there, particularly colon cancer and cervical cancer. These very serious diseases need to be discussed and we all need to join the fight. Did you know running and walking on a regular basis reduces the risk for many cancers, especially colon cancer. Show you care about Cancer Down There! Brought to you by the Saint John Airport, The Brighten Group and Fundy Sports and Tourism.   

UNDIES for the first 100 registrations in the 5k & 10k. Medals for all participants

The Brief 5k & Long John 10k will be capped to 300 runners total.

$5.00 of every $36.00 entry fee will be donated to charity to support cancer down there.

Provisional start times for the 5k and 10k races is 3.00pm (or as soon as the Air Canada Flight departs) on the afternoon of Saturday 17 June. Timings may change at the discretion of the Airport or the Race organizers. Refunds will not be offered due to a change in race time. All runners must be off the race course by 4.45pm. Medals to the first 300 people to register.

The Kids Fun Run will be over a non-timed distance of between 1.5 - 2k and will follow our 2016 route from the Atlantic Flight Center. Please note that parents will not be able to run with their children during the Kids Fun Run. The kids must be self sufficient. All kids will receive a finishers medal. Kids Fun Run will start at 2.30pm.

All entries are non-refundable and non-transferable sorry. All timings are subject to flights schedules. Entries must not be sold on without the prior consent of the Race Director.

Please click on this link for full Terms & Conditions

This is a live airport and in the event of flight delays we will reduce the 10k to a 5k race. Subject to flight timings we may have to impose a time limit on the races. I will update everyone should this info be updated. No refunds will be issued for shortened races.

Identification GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID MUST BE SHOWN ON RACE DAY FOR SECURITY PURPOSES. NO ID = NO RACE, SORRY.  No ID = No race. You are running airside which is classed as a restricted area.

Registration fees

The Long John 10K Closed

2 laps of the course

The Brief 5k Closed

1 lap of the course

Kids FUNDIE Run Closed

1.5k run

The Small Print

The Nitty Gritty Details
Before we get too heavy with the specific details of this race we ask you for your patience. This is a very unique event on an active Airport runway and we can only host this race with the support of Transport Canada and the Saint John Airport Authority. I fully understand that we will be asking you to do things at this race that you will not be asked to do at any other event, so please take this into consideration. Everyone helping out is volunteering their time and endeavours so please thank them for their efforts.


Only competitors will be allowed air-side, (even in the Kids fun run) and all spectators must remain in the Atlantic Flight Center registration area or Airport Terminal The best place to see competitors on the course is from the Fire house area on the opposite side of the airport on the service road. There will be restrictions on the area for spectators due to normal security airport regulations. Please follow directions by the volunteers / race officials.

Headphones of any description are not allowed on the Race Course for safety reasons at any time. If you are seen on the race course with Headphones you will be disqualified (we don’t want a plane landing on your head because you couldn’t hear us shouting at you). We must be able to communicate with you at all times.

There will be a water table close to the Fire Hall. For safety reasons please dispose of your plastic cups in the designated Throw Zone. This is to aid with the clean up and to ensure that cups do not end up being blown into aircraft engines.

Due to the liquids, aerosols and gel restrictions in place with Transport Canada no Water Bottles, liquids or gels will be allowed on the course. We will have a water table for your use on the route.

Strollers will not be permitted on the course at any time.

Washrooms – there are washroom in the Main Airport Terminal building (just a short jog away). The Atlantic Flight Center also has washrooms and we will have 2 Port-A-Potties. There are also washrooms at the Fire Hall at the mid-point of the lap although you will lose time as these are a little bit off course. There are no port-a-loos on the run course.

Please park in the designated areas near the Atlantic Flight Centre and follow directions provided by our Volunteers. If you park in the metered pay area in front of the terminal building you must pay the applicable fee - failure to do so may result in a ticket or towing. We will have Air Cadets assisting with parking.

Due to the sensitive nature and security issues with operating a Running Race in an airport facility you must follow directions provided by Airport Security or Race Officials. Failure to do so could result in the cancellation of future events.

We have no control over emergency flights that may require use of the airport facility. In the event that an emergency occurs during the course of the race we reserve the right to cancel, postpone or reduce the race distance or route. No refund will apply. In the event of flight delays we may reduce the 10k to a 5k – any decision regarding this will be made on race day and we will communicate this as soon as possible to the runners – no refunds or deferments will be available.

The Small print

All entries are non-refundable and non-transferable.

* You must be in attendance at the Awards presentation after the race when the draw is made. If your name is drawn and you are not in attendance we will re-draw until a winner is found.

** Route may be subject to change due to operational reasons as imposed by the airport.

No refunds will be issued in the event that you cannot run.

As a result of the high volume of changes that were made in previous years we have decided that for all future events we will only make a name change with a $5.00 fee which will be donated to the charity nominated for the Kids Fun Run – no changes will be made until the donation is received. No changes will be accepted after 6.00pm on the Wednesday prior to the race.

In the event that runners wish to do a name change it is the responsibility of the runners to agree to the financial (entry fee) aspects of this switch as it relates to the draw for the free Air Canada Flights. Fundy Sports & Tourism, Saint John Airport, Air Canada and all associated parties absolve themselves of any and all liability due to a claim for a prize due to a name change, this matter must be negotiated between the respective runners. In good faith we will draw the names for draw prizes from the complete final list provided by Atlantic Chip at the time race numbers are allocated.

Race Day procedure

Race Registration will open at 1.00pm. You will provide your PhotoID and will have your hand stamped after which you will visit the registration desks to collect your race number and then onto Atlantic Chip area where you will collect your timing chip. Your ID will be returned at the end of the event when you re-enter the Atlantic Flight Center.

You will only be allowed airside when announced by a Race Official. Once airside there will be a barricaded area for warming up, please stay within this area until the race start. Once you are airside you will not be able to return to the terminal until the end of the event. All toilet facilities are inside the Atlantic Flight Center or Main Terminal Building, there will no Porta-A-Potties on the race route.

Once you start the race please stay to the marked race route, do not deviate from the route under any circumstances, unless directed by a race volunteer. If you need to withdraw from the race please proceed to the nearest marshal / volunteer who will arrange for you to be transferred back to the Atlantic Chip vehicle. It is imperative that you advise them that you are not finishing.

At the conclusion of the race you will be directed back into the Atlantic Flight Center where you will swap your timing chip for your ID.

Below is a Security Agreement that you will be asked to sign on race morning. Please print and bring along with you UNSIGNED on race day.


Pass Issued to (Individual’s Name please print): ___________________________________

Bib Number: ____________________________________

I agree that:

a. I have received a onetime

use, event specific numbered bib, which will serve as my pass into the Saint John Airport Restricted Area;

b. I will safeguard the numbered bib issued to me at all times;

c. the bib issued to me is only valid while I am participating in the May 03 runway race;

d. the bib issued to me is only valid for those restricted areas to which I require access during the


e. the bib issued to me has been designed to be worn on the outer clothing, and will be visibly

displayed at all times during the race;

f. I will not give or lend my bib to any other person;

g. I have been informed of any fees associated with the administration of the pass system and that

should I not return my bib as required to the Airport Operator or the Department of Transport as

appropriate, that I will be subject to a fee set by the Airport Operator or the Department of Transport

of one hundred dollars ($100) for each bib not returned immediately following the race;

h. the pass issued to me is not to be used to bypass passenger preboard screening where, as an

intended passenger on a commercial aircraft, I would be subject to such screening;

i. failure to abide by the safety and security instructions issued by race organizers will result in

automatic removal from the Airport Restricted Area, and referral to Transport Canada for investigation and resulting legal and monetary penalty.

____________________________________ __________________

ACT Event

Timing and Race Services provided by:

Atlantic Chip Sport Timing

Event Schedule

  • June 17 2:30 PM ADT - Kids Fun Run

  • June 17 3:00 PM ADT - 5k & 10k Start time

Contact Information

Event Location

Saint John, NB, Canada

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