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Race Roster

Race Roster Spring Run-Off 8k & 5k Training Run in High Park!

Meeting Spot: We will meet on the grassy area, just to the north of the main parking lot by the Grenadier Restaurant. We will have speakers and some music set up as well as a CRS tent, so just follow the music and look for the tent and you’ll know where we are - look for the big group of runners. Here is a map of High Park You can see the Grenadier in the middle-left of the page.

Join us for an 8k or 5k training run along the Race Roster Spring Run-Off route, led by Tribe Fitness and the Speed River Elite Team including: Gen Lalonde, Madeline Yungblut, Carisse Thompson, Katrina Allison, Tristan Woodfine, Trevor Hofbauer and last year's Race Roster Spring Run-Off champion, Rob Winslow!  

If you’re a new runner, you can team up with the Tribe Fitness “My First Race” crew who will be taking their first spin on the Race Roster Spring Run-Off course! Various pace groups will be provided for beginners to intermediate level runners.

If you’re a seasoned veteran hungry for a PB, team up with our experienced pacers from the Speed River New Balance Elite Team who will be sure to help you push the pace through the hills of High Park! Various pace groups will be provided for intermediate to advanced level runners.

There’s something for every runner at the Race Roster Spring Run-Off Training Run, so join us and get set to kick-off the spring race season in Toronto!

This run is FREE and all are welcome to join.

The training run will follow the exact race routes. You can view the route maps here: 8k and 5k. 

Registration fees

8k Closed

5k Closed

Event Schedule

  • March 18 9:00 AM EDT - 8k starts

  • March 18 9:00 AM EDT - 5k starts

Contact Information

Event Location

The Grenadier Restaurant, Parkside Drive, Toronto, ON, Canada

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