It's a virtual you can grab your costume or leave it at home.

This is your chance to bring the party to you...Join in our virutal race by running a 5K or Half Marathon, and collect some awesome bling in your trick or treat bag.

All participants will receive an awesome finisher medal and a custom bib.

Registration Fees

Virtual 5K

This is a virtual run. Run when you want and where you want. Just come back and enter your time.

Virtual Half Marathon

This is a virtual event. Run when you want and where you want. Just come back and enter your time.

Here's how it works.

  1. Register for the Virtual division
  2. Start Training
  3. After the event you'll recieve your bib via email or USPS.
  4. The day before the race you'll recieve instructions & a link to submit your race time
  5. Sumbit your race time by end of day after the race
  6. The day after the race results (Virtual Runner division) will be posted online
  7. The day after the race and after the times are entered you'll recieve an email with a link to the results & any pictures.
  8. The day after the race we'll package up all the bibs & medals and put them in the mail.

Awards Leaderboard/Results

Everyone gets a custom finisher medal and on the back we will personalize it with your name, event, time, date and place.

We will post results on the website.


Grab your family, friends, and co-workers and participate as a team... because what's better than running with a bunch of your can even dress up (but be sure to post up a picture:-)

Event Schedule

  • November 1 3:00 PM EDT - All Times Due

  • November 2 3:00 PM EDT - All Bibs & Medals Mailed Out

Contact Information

Event Location


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