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Boxer Luv Rescue

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Founded in 1998, Boxer Luv Rescue is a 501(c) (3)nonprofit organization operating primarily on private donations. We are managed and run by volunteers - more than 400 strong - dedicated individuals working together whose Mission is to give new life to homeless Boxers in need.  We welcome Boxers into Boxer Luv from owners when they are no longer wanted, and from shelters and humane societies where they were turned in as strays.  Many are found by authorities and have been abused or seriously neglected, resulting in medical issues and injuries.  Yet an equal number are from loving homes whose owners cannot care for their dogs any longer due to personal or financial crisis or a change in their lifestyle.

We evaluate each Boxer we take into our care individually, and provide whatever medical care is needed, including all shots and sterilization, and we rehabilitate that dog’s behavior and health in a foster home as needed so we can help him/her find a loving, forever home of its own.

During the past 19 years, with a list of over 8300 Boxers and Boxer mixes rescued, Boxer Luv has achieved a stellar reputation in the Phoenix area and across Arizona for its responsiveness to Boxers in need. We are on the call lists of the majority of veterinarians, police officers and firemen who contact us when they find a Boxer in need in our community.

We owe our success at saving Boxers to you and people like you, volunteers, adopters and supporters all in love with these wonderful creatures called Boxer dogs. Our volunteers are special people who are doers not complainers. When they hear of a terrible situation with a homeless dog their response is “What can I do to help?” - and then they set about doing it. They are people who love to work with others who share their passion for Boxers. They consider animal welfare an important part of human welfare. They want to end euthanasia of unwanted pets by stopping the senseless over-breeding caused by unsterilized dogs. Most of all they want to help their favorite breed – a wonderful family pet and clownish companion- the Boxer.

At Boxer Luv, the rewards are many – giving a voice to those who cannot speak; helping the helpless- there’s no feeling as good as that. Just keeping these beautiful, clownish dogs alive and well for families to enjoy and love is a great reward. Plus, the deep and meaningful friendships we find with other volunteers who share our ideals, values and our love of these animals, and who we work shoulder to shoulder with every day, is a wonderful gift the homeless Boxers give back to us.

We invite you to join us in our mission. There are so many things you can do to help, from fostering to taking dogs to events; facilitating intakes, puppy whelping, writing grants, database work, taking dogs to adoption events, helping out at our Luv-To-Save Thrift Store and more. Email us and find out more about volunteering. We depend on your support and we thank-you for all you have done and will do in the future for Boxers who desperately need our help.

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Jan 27 Kathleen Williams $25.00
Jan 26 Marina Yeakley $10.00
Jan 26 Nosidda Partners On behalf of rescue pups Maui and Fenway and in loving memory of our boxers and bulldog Scarlett Deuce and Stella $50.00
Jan 26 Anonymous $50.00
Jan 26 Jessica Sylvester $20.00
Jan 24 Krista Williams $25.00
Jan 24 Arm Your Soul Foundation We are a family and a Ministry that loves our fur baby's and are committed to saving their lives daily! $25.00
Jan 24 Jill Bittner $40.00
Jan 24 Anonymous Adopt a shelter pet! $25.00
Jan 24 Holly Molden $200.00