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Raise money for BC Cancer Foundation

Goddess Run is proud to partner with the BC Cancer Foundation to support the Immunotherapy Clinical Trials Program. Phase 1 of this program focuses on Adoptive T Cell Therapy (ATC) and is set to begin in April. ATC activates and expands a patient's own T cells (a type of white blood cell) and infuses large numbers back into the patient's bloodstream to "seek and destroy" cancer cells wherever they may be hiding. The first trial at BC Cancer in Victoria will focus on treating gynecological cancers (ovarian, cervical and endometrial) with naturally occurring, tumour-fighting T cells. 


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

Real Housewives of Oak Bay

Raised: CA$646.56


Raised: CA$130.24

Vigil Health Solutions

Raised: CA$124.98

Team Atalanta

Raised: CA$105.25

The Squad

Raised: CA$78.94


Raised: CA$57.88

2018 The year to clear!

Raised: CA$52.63

Birthday Party

Raised: CA$52.62

Grigio Girls

Raised: CA$52.62

Dames of DeGoutiere

Raised: CA$52.62

Sole Sisters

Raised: CA$36.84

Wonderful Willows

Raised: CA$30.26

The Gurlz

Raised: CA$30.00

Sole Sisters Victoria

Raised: CA$26.31

The DuValls

Raised: CA$26.31


Raised: CA$26.31

Service With Love

Raised: CA$26.31

Goddesses Niamh of the prairies

Raised: CA$26.31

Sweet Soles

Raised: CA$26.31


Raised: CA$26.31

Dos Tacos

Raised: CA$26.31

Goddess Bliss

Raised: CA$26.31

Reliable Warriors

Raised: CA$26.31

Chakra Sisters 4

Raised: CA$26.31

Hot Chocolate

Raised: CA$26.31

Team 65

Raised: CA$26.31

Fit and Feisty

Raised: CA$26.31

Sarah Beckett Memorial Crew

Raised: CA$26.31

Goddesses Niamh of the prairie

Raised: CA$25.00

M.E.T the goal

Raised: CA$15.79


Raised: CA$10.53

Renfrew Suncats

Raised: CA$10.52

Naval Security Team

Raised: CA$10.00

Jumping Fitness Victoria

Raised: CA$5.26

Girl Power

Raised: CA$5.26

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jun 13 Laura Jankauskas CA$50.00
Jun 13 Karen Carlsen CA$20.00
Jun 13 Shelley Inguallsen CA$50.00
Jun 11 Heather Chia CA$21.05
Jun 03 Kevin MacKinnon Undisclosed amount
Jun 02 Anonymous CA$26.31
Jun 02 Jean Gaston CA$26.31
Jun 02 Enid and Drew Brazier CA$74.00
Jun 02 Paulette Fitzgerald Happy Birthday Britt! Love you! CA$52.63
Jun 02 Phil & Winnie Go Melissa Go!!! You can do it!!! CA$26.31