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Help us raise money

For participating in GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon 2018

Total raised
CA$17,643.66 Goal: CA$20,000.00

Our story…

We are a Not for Profit Adapted, Supportive and Accessible gym for persons with Physical disabilities living in Victoria! Our mandate is to give adults and children with physical disabilities who need assisted exercise a safe and encouraging place to move their bodies, continue therapy and improve their quality of life in the freedom of a specialized fitness center, not a medical clinic. We are especially interested in serving people with spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons and non-progressive brain injury, paralysis caused by stroke, heart attack, and other physical disabilities. Your generous donations will improve the quality of life for many individuals who are unable to work out/move their bodies independently.

Team members

Click on one of our team members below to make a donation.

Brian Whalen

Raised: CA$2,751.66

Team leader

Gord Rant

Raised: CA$2,125.00

Hillary Acosta

Raised: CA$1,550.00

Giles Deshon

Raised: CA$1,450.00

Ian King

Raised: CA$1,295.00

Leanne Erzinger

Raised: CA$1,245.00

Melissa Hadfield

Raised: CA$825.00

Margaret Chambers

Raised: CA$580.00

Diana MacDonald

Raised: CA$575.00

Taren Macfarlane

Raised: CA$575.00

Jacqueline Van Alstyne

Raised: CA$550.00

Micol Scigliano-Del Olmo

Raised: CA$540.00

Bob MacDonald

Raised: CA$460.00

Alannah Verville

Raised: CA$377.00

Gwendolen O'Connor

Raised: CA$375.00

Lauren Nagy

Raised: CA$305.00

Shayla Zeitz

Raised: CA$300.00

Mike Stanford

Raised: CA$225.00

Sarah Ball

Raised: CA$175.00

Bailey Martin

Raised: CA$150.00

Lynn Dawson

Raised: CA$150.00

Laura Guido

Raised: CA$100.00

Arden Mollenhauer

Raised: CA$75.00

Tim Mortimer

Raised: CA$75.00

Bethany Cutting

Raised: CA$25.00

Kirsten Ramsay

Raised: CA$25.00

Robin Grist

Raised: CA$25.00

Sierra Rowe

Raised: CA$25.00

David Chambers

Raised: CA$0.00

David Liira

Raised: CA$0.00

Jake Bryan

Raised: CA$0.00

Jaunita Dube

Raised: CA$0.00

Terumi Kuroda

Raised: CA$0.00

Wendy Campbell

Raised: CA$0.00

Recent donors

Oct 10 Silvia Liberatore Way to go Tim! I'm so proud of you :) CA$50.00
Oct 09 Marie Hagerman Go Jacqs!! Good luck!?????? CA$100.00
Oct 08 Anonymous CA$50.00
Oct 07 John Deshon CA$100.00
Oct 07 Colleen Erzinger Hope you enjoy your run. Undisclosed amount
Oct 07 Susan MacWilliam CA$25.00
Oct 07 Joshua / Michelle Buck CA$25.00
Oct 07 Kathryn Whitney Go get, 'em, Diana! Congratulations on your efforts and wishing you all the best! CA$25.00
Oct 07 Anonymous CA$200.00
Oct 06 Popz I’m sure all your hard training will pay off Sunday. Enjoy the run! ?? CA$125.00