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Sun Life Family Health Centers

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Your Community

In 1976, Sun Life started with one small office in Pinal County, staffed with one full-time and one part-time physician providing 12,000 patient visits per year.

Today, Sun Life has thirteen medical centers, five pharmacies, a dental office and a mobile dental van. Each office is an important part of the community it serves. Sun Life has become the largest provider of primary health care services in Pinal County, with 55 providers providing over 164,000 patient visits per year. Sun Life is building healthier communities.

Your Community Health Center

For over 40 years, Sun Life has delivered care to the insured, underserved and uninsured people living in rural Pinal County, many of whom had no access to care. Throughout the years, we have continued to believe that all people deserve access to high quality, comprehensive care, regardless of the ability to pay.

Working together to transform lives … be Sun Life!

In Arizona, taxpayers have the unique opportunity to CHOOSE to have their Arizona tax dollars directly benefit the needs in their communities. Your tax donations can help make access to health care more affordable and help under-insured and uninsured individuals choose cost-effective primary care over more expensive emergency room care. Over 46,000 children, women and men in Pinal County call Sun Life their healthcare home. Your tax credit donation will assure their continued access to affordable healthcare in your community. We hope you will take a stand by choosing to support Sun Life in our efforts to make a difference. By making a gift to Sun Life, you are helping ensure a healthier community.

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Mar 02 Marilyn Bertrand $25.00
Feb 26 Anonymous $25.00
Dec 29 Anonymous $5.00
Dec 18 Laura Stager $50.00