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Donate to help Evelyn raise money for 5K Run to Rebuild Wine Country’s fundraising campaign.


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Mar 11 Audrey Kaili Undisclosed amount
Mar 10 Kristen Baldwin $20.00
Mar 10 Felish Go, cuzz!! Get it girl!! Undisclosed amount
Mar 10 Doreen Dennehy $25.00
Mar 09 Rosio Mendoza You go girl! $25.00
Mar 09 Yen Pang $25.00
Mar 09 Judy Soto Undisclosed amount
Mar 09 Diana Oquendo Run Ev Run!! Undisclosed amount
Mar 09 Nanci Easterday $25.00
Mar 09 Dina Quesada Undisclosed amount