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Total raised
$13,936.78 Goal: $15,000.00

Help us raise money for participating in 2018 Hamilton Marathon Road2Hope

Our story…

YWCA ENCORE after breast cancer exercise program is a unique program that changes lives of women that have had breast cancer. It is like an amazing cake with all the right ingredients – friendships, support, learning and gentle exercises for the mind, body and spirit. After attending ENCORE, women have shared … “enjoyed that it is informative, uplifting and inspirational”; “this program has been something I look forward to weekly” and “I felt isolated before the program. I needed to talk with others who knew what I was experiencing and feeling. It helped me accept that I was indeed healing and not to continue feeling cancerous with every pain or symptom that still remained” and “ENCORE is an amazing program… the support and information that I received has been invaluable. Every breast cancer patient should go to ENCORE”.
Yes YWCA ENCORE is an invaluable program and our passionate goal is to offer ENCORE every year for women that have been through breast cancer.

Team members

Click on one of our team members below to make a donation.

Anne Marie Collingwood

Raised: $2,161.43

Kim Thompson

Raised: $1,561.39

Anjum Chauhan

Raised: $1,451.20

Brenda Blackwood

Raised: $1,408.82

Neanette Atanas

Raised: $1,316.92

Deborah Hannah

Raised: $1,074.00

Robin Bryce Mech

Raised: $666.33

Cathryn Easterbrook

Raised: $591.88

Valerie Colling

Raised: $576.18

Marnie Warman

Raised: $552.06

Karen Kozokowsky

Raised: $549.29

Team leader

Craig Guenther

Raised: $490.76

Barb Havens

Raised: $315.60

Pierina Pascucci

Raised: $290.00

Judith Mendez

Raised: $217.99

Dan Ritson

Raised: $191.69

Joanne Mahony

Raised: $150.00

Nicole Raiche

Raised: $137.80

Peter Goral

Raised: $82.43

Nancy Millar

Raised: $80.00

Melissa Diletti

Raised: $77.80

Amanda Diletti-Goral

Raised: $54.63

Janice Rischke

Raised: $54.63

Oliver Ritson

Raised: $54.63

Adrienne Millar

Raised: $0.00

Beth Cowley

Raised: $0.00

Caterina Traini

Raised: $0.00

Ginger Quinn

Raised: $0.00

Jennifer Kloepfer

Raised: $0.00

Lisa Whittingham

Raised: $0.00

Patricia Ferrari

Raised: $0.00

Rob Kloepfer

Raised: $0.00

Talena Rambarran

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Nov 16 Kathy Lazenby $30.00
Nov 16 Cheryl Harflett $20.00
Nov 16 Rick and Angnes Unknown $5.00
Nov 16 June Wolfrath $30.00
Nov 16 Keith Doyle $20.00
Nov 16 Bonnie Montgomery $30.00
Nov 14 June Pinkney $25.00
Nov 14 Darlene Komadan $50.00
Nov 14 Diane Abraham $100.00
Nov 08 Joyce Neal $108.31