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Total raised
$1,862.67 Goal: $3,000.00

Help us raise money for participating in 2018 Hamilton Marathon Road2Hope

Our story…

Canterbury Hills Camp, located in the heart of the Carolinian forest in Ancaster, offers a child-centered camp experience that encourages outdoor adventures and creative programming. This year our fundraising efforts will go towards improvements to our camp kitchen. Thank you for your support!

Team members

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Virginia Jackson

Raised: $525.60

Team leader

Maddie Simmons

Raised: $199.63

Cheryl Evans

Raised: $171.87

Tim Webb

Raised: $162.94

Sarah Bennett

Raised: $54.63

Arawyn Atkinson

Raised: $50.00

Priya Atkinson

Raised: $50.00

Sophie Rosen

Raised: $25.00

Isaac Barnes

Raised: $0.00

Laura Chittim

Raised: $0.00

Sarah Rodgers

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Nov 07 Christyn Perkons $54.63
Nov 05 Judy Worsley Canterbury Canterbury, rah rah rah $323.00
Nov 03 Anne & Andrea Have a great run, Virginia. $27.80
Nov 03 Elizabeth Watson Have a great day! Hope you get the money you need to ensure the dreams of children are met through camping days at Canterbury Hills. $54.63
Nov 03 Rebecca Frerotte $43.90
Nov 03 Russell Jackson $54.63
Nov 03 David Orde Go team Pickleball !! $117.24
Nov 03 Pat Webb Upward and Onward, Tim! $54.63
Nov 03 Pat Webb Good for you, Cheryl! $54.63
Nov 02 Sherri Abradjian $108.31