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St. Josephs Hospital and Medical Center

Raise money for St. Josephs Hospital and Medical Center

Although it is impossible to shield our loved ones from getting cancer, gifts made to support cancer care at St. Joseph’s make it is possible to be proactive in the fight against it.

Every day worldwide, cancer kills 22,000 people. It takes on many forms and can attack almost anywhere in the body. And when it does, it makes victims and their families feel powerless.

But with your help, we can change that.

Donations have allowed St. Joseph's to open a new cancer center to ensure cancer patients in Arizona have access to the most advanced and comprehensive care available anywhere in the state. 

The spacious new facility offers the pinnacle of comfort and care to patients and their loved ones throughout every stage of cancer. Financial gifts have enabled St. Joseph’s to purchase and install state-of-the-art technologies for diagnosing and treating all types of cancer, while simultaneously recruiting world-renowned oncologists committed to personalizing therapies to match patient need.

Thanks to donations, the center has achieved many milestones in its first year of operation:

  • Opened 11 cancer specialty programs
  • Conducted 3,416 radiation treatments and 3,656 radiology exams
  • Completed 769 consultations in which St. Joseph’s provided free in-person interpreters to ensure non-English-speaking patients understood diagnoses, treatment plans and other related information
  • Introduced nine clinical trials, with another 20-plus on the horizon
  • Organized 41 cancer-support sessions
  • Offered 12 lifestyle classes for cancer survivors to improve their qualityof life through better self-care and nutrition.

St. Joseph’s also welcomed several new specialists to the team to ensure patients have access to world-leading expertise for all types of cancer. Most recently, the center announced the opening of a Gastrointestinal Medical Oncology Clinic, specializing in  colon and rectal cancers, stomach and esophageal malignancies, hepatobiliary and pancreatic malignancies. 

Join forces with St. Joseph's to conquer cancer!

Make your lifesaving gift today.


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information


Raised: $250.00

Davis Family

Raised: $100.00


Raised: $60.00


Raised: $50.00

R. A. D.

Raised: $25.00

Spirit of Hope

Raised: $25.00

Gals on the Run AZ

Raised: $15.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Oct 03 Mike and Jacqueline Kelly $200.00
Sep 28 Big Two Toyota $5,000.00
Sep 25 John and Gail Nierad $100.00
Sep 25 Anonymous $150.00
Sep 25 Lorfano Family Undisclosed amount
Sep 23 Mary Williams $50.00
Sep 22 John Prichard Ann you are the best! Stay devoted! $20.00
Sep 22 Anthony Warmington $25.00
Sep 22 Nicole Bunch $100.00
Sep 22 Anonymous $5,000.00