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Energy is essential to life. Mitochondria provide our cells with energy. When the power supply in our cells fails, it’s called mitochondrial disease. It can happen to anyone at any time and the consequences are devastating.

MitoCanada exists to help transform the outlook for people with mitochondrial disease. We are committed to those who live with mitochondrial disease so they may experience the best possible quality of life today while supporting efforts to find solutions to prevent, diagnose and manage their disease until a cure is found.

We envision a future where Canadians of all ages who are impacted by this dreadful disease feel inspired, empowered and supported. We do this by raising awareness; offering knowledge and support to patients, families and caregivers; and, funding transformational research.

At MitoCanada, we promise to:

  • work tirelessly to increase awareness of mitochondrial disease and its impact on the people affected
  • responsibly invest in research to improve understanding of mitochondrial dysfunction that will lead to preventative, treatment and curative solutions
  • stimulate collaboration and knowledge sharing within the scientific community
  • develop tools to facilitate sharing of knowledge
  • work to make reliable information about mitochondrial disease available to all
  • continue to forge meaningful relationships with our partners, both internally and externally so as to improve the planning, provision and quality of care
  • advocate on behalf of people living with mitochondrial disease
  • operate with a sense of urgency and be accountable for using donor resources in an effective and efficient manner
  • Charitable Registration Number 81258 6667 RR001 

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
May 11 Mark St Amant CA$100.00
May 06 Anonymous CA$10.00
May 03 Tania and Jan CA$100.00
May 01 Chad Parr CA$25.00
Apr 27 Chad Debert CA$50.00
Apr 19 Anonymous CA$25.00
Apr 17 Mike Cook CA$50.00
Apr 06 Trevor Baine CA$50.00
Apr 05 Chuck Fritz CA$25.00
Mar 31 Lee-Ann Ricci Undisclosed amount