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CEDAR CANYON - Run The Canyon 2018

The Cedar City Half Marathon is one of the most spectacular downhill closed-canyon runs anywhere and this year it's on Saturday, Sept. 8.  The Cedar Canyon is closed to all vehicular traffic and the race starts at 7 a.m. at Woods Ranch. 

The Cedar Half is a perfect high-altitude trainer for those preparing for full marathons held a few weeks later (Such as the St. George Marathon).  
This 13.1 mile closed-canyon course is fast. From Woods Ranch at the base of Cedar Breaks National Monument, runners descend from 8,408 feet in elevation  (Lat-Long: 37.594145 N, -112.912180 W).  to 5,600 feet at the finish line at the Bicentennial Soccer Complex.  

Race Surrender Time: 
3 1/2 hours - Cedar Canyon reopens to traffic at 10:30 a.m.

The Course
The crisp canyon air rushes through Aspens and the sounds of water rushing down Coal Creek accompany runners as they wind their way through eons of geologic formations to the mouth of Cedar Canyon. Majestic sandstone pyramids mark the intersection of the Great Basin and the Rocky Mountain formations. This is where runners will transition from Highway 14 to Cedar City's spectacular trail system along Coal Creek through Canyon Park, Veterans Park, and the welcoming finish at the Bicentennial Soccer Complex.  Continuing to follow Coal Creek, there are three road underpasses where runners will avoid street traffic. 

Finish Line
Every finisher will get their name announced as they approach the finish chute and a friendly high-five and a prestigious medal and lanyard around their neck.  

Under the refreshment tent are water, Powerade and trays of bananas, apples, and energy bars.  

Award Ceremony
In addition to overall male and female winners, if you finish in the top three of your age group, you'll receive a prize, a certificate and a photo opportunity on the awards stand.  Trail Run awards announced at 8 a.m.  Half Marathon awards start at 9 a.m.

The Trail Run
The Intermountain Cedar City Hospital Trail Run begins near the Coal Creek bridge at the mouth of Cedar Canyon.  It is a 4.7K run along Coal Creek, crossing under streets all the way to the finish line at Bicentennial Soccer Complex. Adults and children of all ages (including babies in strollers) are invited to attend this run. The Trail Run bus will be stationed away from the Half Marathon buses in the parking lot to the east of the finish line. Please note: For the Trail Run, trophies are awarded to the top three males and females, but there will be no finisher medals. 

Race Day Details
Runners must park in the Bicentennial Softball Field/Exit 59 Skate-park parking lot and walk south to the Bus Loading area next to the Soccer Complex concession stands (also finish line area). 
Bus loading begins at 5:30 a.m. to 6:00a.m., near to the finish line/concession stand at the Bicentennial Soccer Complex.  Buses will take the runners up Cedar Canyon to the Start Line and will them drop off at Woods Ranch. There will be warming fires and music playing.  At 6:45 a.m., runners will need to start walking east toward the starting line on Highway 14. 

Clothing Bags
At packet pickup, you will be issued a bright green clothing bad.  Please write your name and phone number on the bag.  
While walking toward the starting line, there will be a pickup truck to place your Clothing Bags and they will be transported to the finish line.  Bags will be laid out next to the Soccer Concession stand in alphabetical order (if properly identified).  Do not place any valuables (keys, cellphones, wallets, etc.) in your Half Marathon Clothing Bag.  

Miscellaneous items left in the clothing bins at the Aid Stations will be brought to the finish line after Cedar Canyon reopens after 10:30 a.m. Please be understanding that our volunteers can't leave their positions until the canyon is clear.

Items not picked up by 11:30 a.m. on race day will be taken to the Cedar City Aquatic Center (2090 Royal Hunte Drive) and held for one week.  After that time, clothing or other remaining items will be donated to a local charity.

Runner's Shirts
We will do our best to accommodate your shirt size request, but you must register before July 31, to be guaranteed your size.  
Sport-Tek shirts sizes for the short sleeve shirt for women and men run true to most sizes and have limited shrinkage.


Registration fees

Trail Run Closed

Registration closed
  • Coal Creek Trail Run

    1. $25.00
      Dec 5 – Jul 31
    2. $45.00
      Aug 1 – Sep 1

Half Marathon Closed

Registration closed
  • Half Marathon

    1. $40.00
      Dec 5 – Dec 26
    2. $45.00
      Dec 27 – Jan 31
    3. $55.00
      Feb 1 – May 31
    4. $75.00
      Jun 1 – Sep 1


Runners will find aid stations at approximately every 2 miles with cups of water and Powerade and blister supplies.  Ham operators are at each station to report emergencies and an ambulance will be stationed in the canyon at turn off to Right-hand Canyon (approximately 6.8 mile-mark for runners).  

Here are the distances at which aid stations are placed as the runner goes down Cedar Canyon:

#1 = 2.5 miles

#2 = 4.1 miles

#3 = 6.1 miles

Right hand Canyon Medical = 6.8 miles

#4 = 8.1 miles

#5 = 10.3 miles

Each Aid Station is clearly marked. They will have water or Powerade to hand you in paper cups. Port-a-pottys, garbage cans, clothing bins (at Aid Stations #1 and #2), and blister/band aid kits are also available.  Note: If you drop off your clothing at mile markers or along side of the road, we cannot guarantee they will be returned to the finish line.

We won't have Goo and other eating products at aid stations. However, bananas, oranges, Great Harvest Energy Bars and other other replenishing foods will be available at the finish line.

You are allowed to bring your own fluids and energy food. 

Each Aid Station will be set up with water in the front and Powerade in the back. 


We recommend picking up your Bib, Official Cedar City Half Marathon Shirt and runners bag on Friday, Sept. 7 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., at the Cedar City Aquatic Center, 2090 W. Royal Hunte Drive. You can pick up somebody else's bib and packet if you have a copy of their ID (Friday only at Aquatic Center).

Keep in mind that if you wait until Saturday morning, the bib pickup area will be hectic. Each runner must pick up their own Bib (Saturday at Bus pickup/Finish Line)

We will do our best to accommodate each participant, but runner shirt sizes are not guaranteed for those signed up after July 31st.


Teams are welcome to participate in the Cedar City Half Marathon! If at least 4 people (up to 8 people) sign up at the same time. Teams are welcome to print their own shirts and run for whatever cause they want! Additionally, you may have as many teams as you wish, meaning you may A, B, C teams and so on.


Parking and bus pickup locations

On Race Day morning please ensure you have your bib pinned on, your clothing bag and plenty of energy. Please leave all valuables locked up. 

It will be dark at the bus pickup area, which is adjacent to the Finish Line area on the east side of the road (next to the Bicentennial Soccer Fields at approximately 400 West 685 North—See Google Map

Parking will be in the Bicentennial Softball Field/Exit 59 Skatepark area (665 West 1045 North)—See Google Map

Note that access to parking and finish line area is from 1045 North (by the softball fields, look for the ball-field lights).  Some GPS systems will take you to 685 North by the Cemetery.  It will be closed off so do not try to enter from the Cemetery side.  Proceed north on Main Street and turn at the light on 1045 North 

You must get on bus nearest the start line in front. As soon as buses are full, they will take you to the Start Line at Woods Ranch where you'll find warming fires, a pavilion and port-a-potties. 

For those who hadn't picked up their bib number on Friday, there will be a check-in desk 5:15-6 a.m., near the Soccer Concession stand. Follow the signs and the lights. If there is time you'll receive a runner bag and a shirt (can't guarantee your size at the Saturday morning pickup, but there will be a t-shirt exchange of unworn shirts following the race by the refreshment tent).

Buses will begin boarding at 5:30 a.m. and the last one will leave at 6 a.m. (No exceptions).


Transfers or deferments are allowed until 8 days before event (September 1st, 2018) with associated fees and (for medical reasons). For those medically approved, please send an email to

 Every runner must have registered online and must wear a bib to get on the bus and to run the course. No Bandit Runners are allowed.

Cedar City Half Marathon and Coal Creek Trail Run Course Map

Cedar City Half Marathon Map Coming Soon!

Event Schedule

  • September 8 6:00 AM MDT - Buses Leave Bicentennial Soccer Fields no later than

  • September 8 7:00 AM MDT - Half Marathon Start

  • September 8 7:00 AM MDT - Trail Run Start

  • September 8 10:30 AM MDT - Last Runner Surrender - Course Closed

Contact Information

Event Location

Cedar City, UT, United States

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