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Compeer Buffalo & The Mental Health Association

Raise money for Compeer Buffalo & The Mental Health Association

Compeer's purpose is promoting good mental health through meaningful friendships. Compeer, using an evidence-based model, recruits, screens and matches trained volunteers from the community to be a friend, or mentor in a one-to-one supportive relationship. Compeer is the ultimate friend matchmaker. They help match people who live with mental illness to someone who can be a positive support person in their lives. Compeer only asks for a minimum of 4 hours per month from their volunteers, to help change the lives of others.

The Mental Health Association of Erie County seeks to meet the ever-changing mental health needs of people of all ages by providing education, public information, prevention programs, training, advocacy and supportive services that produce measurable results.


Click on a team below to make a donation.

Team information

The Ass Kickers!

Raised: $5,781.00

CASA Caped Crusaders

Raised: $5,100.00

Dan's Daredevils

Raised: $3,850.00

We are Groot

Raised: $2,554.00

Two Mods & a Tich

Raised: $1,050.00

Guardians of the Gecko

Raised: $990.00

Snow Fairies

Raised: $977.00

Shatter I.T.

Raised: $675.00

Team Butters

Raised: $455.00

ECMC Stigma Smashers

Raised: $435.00

Woodworth Friends & Family Tribe

Raised: $430.00


Raised: $350.00

The Fearless Squad

Raised: $325.00

WNYCPC Allstars

Raised: $270.00

Clarence Toastmaster Titans

Raised: $250.00

Super Teflon 2.0

Raised: $200.00

The Battling Brave Bairds

Raised: $165.00

Tapestry Strong

Raised: $160.00

Blue Sky Wellness

Raised: $160.00

Straight off the Couch

Raised: $155.00

Cieri Champions

Raised: $150.00

Finns and more

Raised: $140.00

The Super Strauss Family

Raised: $101.00

Clauss & Co

Raised: $100.00

Friends of CFSP Child and Family Support Program

Raised: $100.00

Crushing the Stigma

Raised: $100.00

Riveter Design

Raised: $100.00

BestSelf Behavioral Health

Raised: $100.00

Dash Decker

Raised: $100.00


Raised: $75.00

Extreme Team 4z3

Raised: $75.00

Boling for Dollars

Raised: $75.00

Route 20

Raised: $75.00

Rich Superheros

Raised: $60.00

Endeavor Thunder Cats

Raised: $55.00

Bat Girl and Company

Raised: $50.00

UB EMBA 2018

Raised: $50.00

The Avengers

Raised: $50.00

The Egoboosters

Raised: $50.00

Dopkins & Company, LLP

Raised: $50.00

Ecmc Stigma smasher

Raised: $30.00


Raised: $25.00

Team Incredibles

Raised: $25.00

A-Llama Squad

Raised: $25.00

The Incredibles

Raised: $25.00

Happy Feet

Raised: $25.00

Sailor Moon Crew

Raised: $25.00

BEST team

Raised: $20.00

The Super Squad

Raised: $10.00

The Witty Wonders

Raised: $10.00

Bravo Cane

Raised: $10.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jun 04 Victor Parker $100.00
Jun 03 annette ognibene Tony... thank you for running to support Mental Health. LU $50.00
Jun 02 Erin Moss We had so much fun at the Superhero race! Great job Ken! Go MHA! #ProudBoardMember $100.00
Jun 01 Kim Craven $25.00
Jun 01 Joseph Clark Smartline Forever! $25.00
Jun 01 Julian Fleron Proud of you!! $100.00
Jun 01 Emily Li $25.00
Jun 01 Steve Nelson $25.00
Jun 01 Henry Richards In memory of Jacob; go team Tapestry Strong! $50.00
Jun 01 Mary Mogavero Thanks, Jane. This is a most worthy cause. $200.00