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Raise money for KidSport

All funds raised for this year's IFAC will go to KidSport™chapters in the Vancouver Lower Mainland and Victoria. 

KidSport™ is a national not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance for registration fees and equipment to kids aged 18 and under. Through a confidential application process, they provide grants so kids can play a season of sport.

Help KidSport "So All Kids Can Play!"

Note, all donations will be processed through KidSport™ and stay in the participant's community.


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

1 Estee & 3 Testes

Raised: CA$13,675.00

No Excuse

Raised: CA$4,990.00

Run Like the Winded

Raised: CA$4,755.00


Raised: CA$4,625.00

Where the Wild Things Run

Raised: CA$4,436.00

Rile up the Troops

Raised: CA$4,189.95

IF Abby Cool Cats

Raised: CA$3,950.00

3 Ninjas and the Nunchuck Kid

Raised: CA$3,892.00

Sofa Kings

Raised: CA$3,841.00

Call us a cab

Raised: CA$3,825.00

Team Quinn

Raised: CA$3,564.00

Ladies of NV

Raised: CA$3,490.00

Chafing Dreams

Raised: CA$3,368.00

Scrambled Legs

Raised: CA$3,300.00

Sweat & Salty

Raised: CA$3,250.00

Big Papa

Raised: CA$3,232.00

Team Fun!!!

Raised: CA$3,206.00

Team Coffee

Raised: CA$3,150.00

Abby X-men

Raised: CA$3,150.00

Ignorance is Blisters

Raised: CA$3,075.00

Wonder Women

Raised: CA$3,065.00

Short Runs and Shorter Shorts

Raised: CA$3,060.00

Quads of Fury

Raised: CA$3,060.00

Adventure Challenged

Raised: CA$3,000.00


Raised: CA$3,000.00

Tea and Crumpets

Raised: CA$2,805.00

Out for a Rip

Raised: CA$2,605.00

Team Awesome 2.0

Raised: CA$2,475.00

Guardians of the Fitness

Raised: CA$2,245.77

Purple Cobras

Raised: CA$2,245.00

Pumping Iron

Raised: CA$2,123.08

You’re gonna need a bigger boat

Raised: CA$2,056.00

The 225ers

Raised: CA$2,000.00

Fries before guys

Raised: CA$1,964.00

The Monstars

Raised: CA$1,954.00

Not Fast, Just Furious

Raised: CA$1,905.00


Raised: CA$1,875.00


Raised: CA$1,730.00

September sexy

Raised: CA$1,600.00

OO We Got You

Raised: CA$1,590.00

The Dynamic Duo

Raised: CA$1,435.00

I Thought They Said Rum

Raised: CA$1,400.00

Chicken Dinner

Raised: CA$1,370.00

blood, sweat and beers

Raised: CA$1,225.00

Pork Dips

Raised: CA$1,100.00

Three men and a baby

Raised: CA$925.00

The Fastest Mice in Mexico

Raised: CA$920.00

Will Run For Beer

Raised: CA$897.00

Bottoms Up

Raised: CA$615.00

Green Moustache

Raised: CA$250.00

Shakin' My Money Maker

Raised: CA$150.00

Mo Flow

Raised: CA$20.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Oct 15 Skipathon 2018 updated CA$639.00
Oct 15 Skipathon 2018 updated CA$772.00
Oct 15 Skipathon 2018 updated CA$462.00
Oct 15 Skipathon 2018 updated CA$695.00
Oct 15 Skipathon 2018 updated CA$454.00
Oct 05 Anonymous CA$163.00
Oct 05 Anonymous CA$150.00
Oct 05 Anonymous CA$163.00
Oct 05 Anonymous CA$163.00
Oct 05 Anonymous CA$75.00