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Raise money for Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance

Our Mission

The mission of the Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance (GOCA) is to increase awareness and educate women, their families, as well as the health care community about risks, symptoms, and treatment of ovarian cancer leading to earlier detection.

About GOCA 

In 1998, a group of Atlanta women met each other at the St. Joseph’s Gynecological Cancer Support Group.  All ovarian cancer survivors with different stories to share, they began pooling their energies and passions with the intent to bring awareness of ovarian cancer and early detection to the forefront of women’s health issues.  The first step was to educate Georgia’s women, their families and their healthcare providers about the risks, symptoms and treatments of ovarian cancer.

This initial passion and our “Awareness. Knowledge. Action.” campaign remains very much the focus of GOCA today.

Since our beginning, GOCA has transformed from an idea hatched at a founders dining room table to a very strong, community based non-profit organization led by those touched by ovarian cancer in some way.  With a strong base of supporters, volunteers, and staff we continue to reach thousands of women and their families with our life saving messages.



Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information


Raised: $15,599.23

Team Lynne

Raised: $5,921.39

Betsy's Buddies

Raised: $4,881.24


Raised: $3,796.03

Team Soul to Sole

Raised: $3,098.11

Kollars Strong

Raised: $2,644.21


Raised: $2,020.38

Long Live Libby

Raised: $1,949.34

Trotting to Honor Regina

Raised: $1,567.10

Sara's Amigos

Raised: $1,476.52

Helen’s Hope

Raised: $1,215.10


Raised: $1,203.88

Teal is the New Pink

Raised: $1,137.36

Susan Queen

Raised: $969.74

Team Sheryl

Raised: $711.30

Aubrey’s Angels

Raised: $659.75


Raised: $641.55

Nelson Mullins Team Donna

Raised: $629.83

Team Daphne

Raised: $619.20

Miles for Melanie

Raised: $617.93

Nancy's Teal Warriors

Raised: $556.10

Teal Warriors

Raised: $507.70

Team Beck

Raised: $488.15

Strong Like Jayne

Raised: $462.09

Team Teal for Camille

Raised: $451.24

Love For Liz

Raised: $446.31

Linda's Girls

Raised: $364.61

4 Beth

Raised: $352.09

Team Gigi

Raised: $345.91

Team Jessica

Raised: $292.18

Kim's Teal Trotters

Raised: $268.61


Raised: $251.60

Still Belle

Raised: $234.95

Taneika’s Dream Team

Raised: $227.91

Team D

Raised: $214.70

Andee's Angels

Raised: $214.70

Krewe de Cher

Raised: $214.70

Carole Sexton Team

Raised: $214.70


Raised: $192.56

Team Christine

Raised: $169.33


Raised: $161.45

Northside Hospital Cancer Institute

Raised: $155.35

Linda’s Warriors

Raised: $147.18

Team Dragonflies

Raised: $141.01

Team Tammy

Raised: $138.13

Nancy's Teal Trotters

Raised: $134.83

Truffles Vein Specialists

Raised: $132.35

Ana’s Angels Teal the End

Raised: $124.18

Team Denise

Raised: $109.91

Abi's All-Stars

Raised: $108.20

Teal Trotting Divas

Raised: $107.35


Raised: $107.35

Teal Titans

Raised: $81.58

Women Warriors

Raised: $79.10

Elaine's Eagles

Raised: $70.93

Atlanta Masonic District # 3 East Team

Raised: $54.96

Trottin like it’s hot

Raised: $54.10

Davis Racing 52

Raised: $54.10


Raised: $54.10

The Teal Trotting Divas

Raised: $43.77

Tenaciously TEAL

Raised: $38.98

Barbara's Apples

Raised: $29.18

Trot for Terry

Raised: $27.48

Sensational Six

Raised: $27.48

Brooks, McGinnis & Company

Raised: $25.00

Chris and Paola for Cheryl Lietz and in honor of Kathleen Baker

Raised: $12.36

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Oct 03 Pamela Coan $54.10
Sep 20 Elyse, Elona, & Elijah $54.10
Sep 17 Faith Thomas $54.10
Sep 17 Misty Boaz $107.35
Sep 17 Wayne Stolz $107.35
Sep 17 Carol Whitehurst I pray a cure is found soon. This is for your mom. Love you. Undisclosed amount
Sep 17 Patricia A Olson $54.10
Sep 17 Douglas Horuczi Love you Beth!!!! $30.00
Sep 17 Esmeralda Meyer $27.48
Sep 16 Bella Luna Ranch, LLC $27.48