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Tripleshot Youth Team and nature trail development

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Raise money for Tripleshot Youth Team and nature trail development

The Tripleshot Cycling Club helps kids develop skills in all cycling disciplines in a fun and safe learning environment. And gives a portion of your donation to the development of a connected nature trail system on South Vancouver Island.

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Oct 12 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Oct 12 Wayne Shtybel CA$100.00
Oct 12 Anonymous CA$25.00
Oct 11 Anonymous CA$25.00
Oct 11 Robin Kelley CA$50.00
Oct 10 Brad Julicher CA$15.00
Oct 10 Anonymous CA$25.00
Oct 09 Brian Anderson CA$25.00
Oct 09 Andy Pitre Love what the TS community does for kids and building trails. Keep up the great work! CA$25.00
Oct 09 Anonymous Undisclosed amount