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$1,525.25 Goal: $1,000.00

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It's time for the 4th Annual Run to Feed the Hungry Watch Party! This year we are aiming to not only have fun, but make a difference. We will be accepting donations to the Sacramento Food Bank, the fantastic organization that puts on the run we so enthusiastically toast to and feeds those less fortunate across Sacramento. Our goal is $1000 this year and we will also have a cash cube on site for cash and check donations. So while you're filling your glass, help fill some bellies.

Help Christian raise money for participating in Run to Feed the Hungry 10K/5K


Recent donors

Nov 28 Run to Feed the Hungry Watch Party $164.99
Nov 22 Robyn Buzdon $210.00
Nov 22 Chuy Arambula $52.50
Nov 22 Tyler Blackney $105.00
Nov 22 Adam Marszal $52.50
Nov 22 Chad davies $52.50
Nov 22 Briana and Robby! $52.50
Nov 22 Nick and Lillie $52.50
Nov 22 Brent Houser $52.50
Nov 21 Orville Thomas $26.25