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My Story…

Hello friends,
Once again I am raising money to support Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services thru the 25th annual Run to Feed the Hungry. I have run this race for 11 years now. That's right, I started at just age 4 (I think I'm 6 in this pic). You see, my Mom works with these incredible people at SFBFS, so I know how important raising money for those less fortuntate is. My parents say we live in "a bubble", which is a great thing. We pretty much have everything we need. Many others are not so lucky. It's OK to live in our bubbles as long as we recognize our blessings and give back in any way we can. Did you know that just $5 can serve 40 meals to the working poor whose dollars might not stretch all month? That $50 can provide 10 articles of clothing to 9 people who need it to stay warm? From job readiness to parenting workshops to senior assistance, SFBFS does so much more than just food. Please help if you can. No dollar amount is too small. Thank you.

Donate to help Carson raise money for Run to Feed the Hungry 10K/5K’s fundraising campaign.


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Nov 17 The Sanger Family $100.00
Nov 16 Dan & Shirley Coelho So proud of you Carson❤️ $52.50
Nov 15 Anita Betancourt $26.25
Nov 15 Emily Collins Go, Carson! $21.00
Nov 14 The Inclan’s $26.25
Nov 14 Nazworths $26.25
Nov 14 Lauren Wolosek $21.00
Nov 14 Hollie Jones $5.25
Nov 14 The Machados $5.25
Nov 14 Marilyn Yankee $21.00