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This is a fun event as part of Byron's BrrrrrFest! - Run 1-mile dressed as you wish, but every quarter mile, you drop an article of clothing, and finish dressed any way you like! - All dropped clothing goes to the clothing drive, and we are accepting all types of clothing, with an emphasis on winter wear, Hats, Gloves and Coats greatly appreciated!  You'll receive a knit cap as a reward, and you'll be eligible for prizes! 

**Note: to be guaranteed a knit hat, you must pre-register no later than Dec 1st. 

- Also, please consider joining us on Saturday Dec 8th for the Pajama Mile at 9am from the Bears Den! 

Registration fees

Drop-Your-Drawers 1-Mile Closed

One mile dressed any way you see fit... each quarter mile we ask that you remove an article of clothing as part of the clothing drive! - All removed clothing is considered part of your donation. Please feel free to donate any clothing, but be aware, we are targeting winter wear, i.e. hats, gloves and coats!

  1. $10.00
    Aug 1 - Dec 6

Event Schedule

  • December 7 6:30 PM CST - 1-Mile Brrrrrrrr

Contact Information

Event Location

The Bear's Den, 845 High Point Place Northeast, Byron, MN, United States

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