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For participating in 2019 Irving Marathon

My Story…

Well.... it’s a foundation that helps end childhood obesity by educating the school system and children on what to eat, and how to eat.. they focus on getting healthier foods in the school cafeterias eliminating unhealthy snacks, vending machines and sodas.. that kinda deal.. but then again who the fuck knows what these white people end up doing with your coins at the end of the day.. it’s a good idea and feeling that it’s going towards good like they say it does... I’m doing my part by running this marathon and collecting what I can from donations.. my goal was 50.. I’m already at that.. I honestly didn’t think I was gona get anywhere near that but I did in two days.. so yeah if your skeptical about it , I get it, mostly everyone I know is.. what I mostly get out of this is knowing that you care about something I’m passionate about. Thank you have a blessed day. Namaste 🙏

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Apr 26 Maurianna Jones $25.00
Apr 26 Amanda Gonzalez $25.00
Apr 25 Darrelynne Strother $20.00
Apr 24 Shay Shay $10.00
Apr 24 Jose e Vanega $25.00
Apr 23 Anonymous $15.00