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My Story…

In 2011 at just 20 months old our daughter Bella was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. It was a diagnosis we never saw coming - we never expected to be hearing the words "cancer", "Neuroblastoma" "expect the worst case scenario"...., "Oncologist". She was our baby girl and though she had been becoming progressively unwell in the months leading up to that diagnosis we never expected to hear those terrifying words.
What followed was 4 1/2 consecutive months in hospital, chemotherapy, surgeries, dozens of blood transfusions and so many tests....But our little superhero fought hard.
Today she is an amazing 9 year old girl... Living life like children her age should be! She's active and happy - and though she still has the tumour remaining in her abdomen it is stable and hasn't grown since 2011.
We run for Bella today and all our little superheroes fighting this terrible disease.

Donate to help Sarah raise money for RUN2CURE NEUROBLASTOMA 2019’s fundraising campaign.