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My Story…

When I was nearly 2 years old I became very sick... and I was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. I call this my lump in my tummy. I know it is cancer - which is abit scary to know that’s in my tummy.
My mum and dad tell me this made me very very sick for a long time and I had to spend a lot of time in hospital.
I don’t remember the time I spent in hospital. I just remember all the times I go back now to see the doctors and have tests. I get abit worried when I have these tests as it hurts having needles.
I love going to the run as I have fun with my family and my friends. And I want to help tell people about Neuroblastoma and how horrible it is so that one day the doctors will find a cure.
Please help me raise money so the doctors can help make sick kids better!

Donate to help Isabella raise money for RUN2CURE NEUROBLASTOMA 2019’s fundraising campaign.


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Jun 17 Contruction site fundraising BBQ Go Bella! $1,164.80
May 26 Christina and brad Sewell Go team Bella! Xx $104.00
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