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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Team TamPeds Join team Trina Saunders Trina Saunders, John Griffiths, Stephen Santucci, Nelson Branco, Benicio Branco, Rafael Branco, Julia Giammona $88.61
Kady's Krushers Join team DAVID RICHARDSON DAVID RICHARDSON, Kady Richardson, Melissa Bergsteinsson $27.48
Join team $0.00
Alexander Join team David Alexander David Alexander, Lauren Alexander $0.00
Angel Wings Join team Nicole Evans Nicole Evans, Rosie Monson $0.00
Arnold Family Join team Mark Arnold $0.00
CatFish Join team Patrick Ellsworth Alicia Zeng, Patrick Ellsworth $0.00
Fletcher Join team $0.00
Gorditas Join team $0.00
HCS Join team Yuen-Shung Chieh Yuen-Shung Chieh, Aidan Collins, Charles Thuss $0.00

Event Location

McNears Beach County Park, Cantera Way, San Rafael, CA, USA

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